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Rhea #28

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Welcome back to my story. I’m going to try and post once a week!

Rhea didn’t know what to say. She’d had plenty of men want to be her current lover but few dare to think they could help channel her magic.

“I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You won’t.”

Rhea frowned. “You have an unrealistic idea of your ability to channel magic. I don’t think your people will appreciate it if I burn out their king not to mention using you constantly might bond us together. I need to be able to leave after my sister’s wedding.”

“Why?” Teven slid a finger down the center of her neck leaving a trail of shivers in his wake.

“Because you have too many moons!” Rhea almost shouted. How could he not know the problem with so many glowing orbs in the sky?

“There’s not too many if I can give you a way to channel all that energy.”

“Trust me even I can only have sex so many times a day.”

Teven gave a burst of laughter. “That wasn’t what I was thinking. I think we can come up with a lot of ways to use your magic.”

Rhea shoved the king. He landed on the floor with a loud thud. Sliding off the bed Rhea got to her feet.

“Get out!” She pointed to the door. Whether he would heed her when he ruled the entire country she didn’t know but her rage didn’t allow her room for diplomacy.

“Why did you do that?”

“Because I don’t plan on sticking around so you can use my magic. I’m here as moral support for my sister and nothing else.” Rhea couldn’t make herself meet the king’s eyes. He might see the hurt in her eyes if he looked and she refused to give anyone that power over her.

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Teven stood before her but didn’t try to touch.

“Leave me. I’m going to take a nap.” She doubted she could really sleep, the magic twirled around her in an imaginary vise. There were ways to bleed of the magic and if she couldn’t get her shifter friends over to help she could do some diffusion spells on her own. It had been a long time since Rhea had to release magic on her own but she could manage.

Teven dared to squeeze her shoulder. “I don’t want to leave you here along, I’ll send your guards.”

“Thank you.” Rhea didn’t trust his easy acquiescence.

The king walked to the exit but stopped before he opened the door. “Promise me one thing.”


“Promise you won’t have sex with them.” Teven clenched his jaw as if he was physically trying to hold back words.

“I promise.” Rhea had never had sex with her cat shifting guard and never would. Maybe one day she’d share that with Teven or not. If she told him too much he might find reasons for them to be bonded. Rhea didn’t want to encourage him.

Teven stomped back, grabbed her around her waist and kissed Rhea until she forgot about the need for oxygen. When he released her he had a serious expression on his face. “Sleep well.”

“Thanks.” Rhea managed to mutter in an almost regular voice.

After a short nod of acknowledgement Teven left the room.

Rhea let out the breath she’d been holding and fell on top of the mattress. “I am in so much trouble.”



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