I’m having a cover made up for Rhea and I decided on a name for the book. Moon Magic & Mayhem! So stay tuned for more postings and a pretty cover.



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Rhea #27

Teven carried Rhea to a room of gold veined white marble. In the center of the tower was a bed perched on a dais.

“What’s this for?”

Teven set Rhea carefully on the surface. “This used to be where the priestesses came to meditate. It’s sound proofed so they could do their chanting without bothering anyone sleeping. I added the bed after I heard you were coming. Your father sent a list of requirements. One of them was to have a room where you could unwind. I thought this would work. When you need solitude this room is available for your use.”

Rhea would’ve thanked him for his consideration but a spike of magic jabbed her through the spine and she let out a scream.

“Good thing it’s sound proof,” Rhea joked between pants. She could feel sweat dripping down her face as she fought against the magic. If she didn’t try to hold it back it could literally consumer her.

“Let me help,” Teven offered. He stripped off his shirt and crawled into the bed with her. “If I’d known I’d be joining you I would’ve gotten a larger mattress.”

Rhea laughed through the shards of pain stabbing into her skull. “That’ll teach you to pre-plan better.”

She sucked in her breath as a particularly sharp influx of magic twisted her gut and made the room swirl about her.

Teven kissed her. The magic eased a bit, latching onto the new entity.

“Relax, give it over to me,” Teven growled.

Rhea tried to imagine pushing some of her magic into the king but it stubbornly clung to her. Her mother had once told her she acted as a magic magnet pulling it all inside her with no outlet, hence the harem idea. A concept Rhea couldn’t quite stomach.

“I can’t,” Rhea said hopelessly. She hated feeling so out of control. Her magic had hold of her instead of her controlling the magic.

“Kiss me again and concentrate.” Teven gripped Rhea’s chin and forced her to look him in the eyes. “You can’t take much more magic. I’m the only chance you have of surviving.”

Rhea opened her mouth to object. She could think of several more men in the castle who might do the job.

Teven kissed her. His tongue slid across hers claiming her, coaxing her. With a soft whoosh of sound Rhea felt energy surge from her body. The ache went from sharp and spiky, to dull and familiar. This she could handle.

When Teven lifted his head, for a moment his pupils glowed white. Rhea gasped at the sight but before she could comment they changed back to their natural black.

“I can be your mate, Rhea. Give me a chance to show you I can handle your power. The moons will become unbearable if you don’t take a full time lover as your own and I can tell you now if you take anyone but me they will find themselves in jail before you can take them to bed.”

Rhea wisely refrained from mentioning there were a lot of other surfaces she could have sex on. The king’s intense gaze didn’t allow for teasing banter.

“You’re serious,” Rhea said with wonder. “You really want to be the one to help me bleed off energy.”

“No. I need to be the one,” Teven insisted. “I was born to be your other half.”


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Rhea #26

I know I skipped Bella. I’ll fit her in this week.


Heat rushed through Rhea’s body originated from Teven’s hand on her arm. Shivers raced down her body at the touch of Teven’s calluses sliding across her skin.

She held back the moan building in her chest. She couldn’t give him that power. If he knew how he affected her she knew he’d take advantage of that fact.

Kings weren’t known for being soft and cuddly.

Not when they had hard bodies and acres of muscles she could happily slide across.


She brutally brought her focus back to the problem at hand. This time it wasn’t about her.

“Is your brother a wimp? Rhea blurted out.

Teven removed his hand. “What?”

“I can’t let Jamie marry a guy she can’t respect.”

Teven scowled. “My brother isn’t a weakling. He’s stronger than most men I know.”

“Jamie’s worried she’ll walk all over him,” Rhea explained. “No offense to your brother but she wanted to make sure. I figure a brother would know best.”

She didn’t want to offend their host but her sister’s future depended on her respecting her future husband.

Teven turned his attention to Jamie. He stared at her so long Rhea started to wonder if she needed to renew her sister’s protection spell. “I think my brother will surprise you. I know he appears easygoing but he has a solid core that will surprise you.”

“Good,” Jamie said. She shifted her attention between Rhea and the king. “I’ll just leave you two alone.”

“No!” Rhea grabbed for her sister who danced out of reach.

“Bye sis,” Jamie wiggled her fingers as she sauntered away down the hall.

“I like her,” Teven said, a bright glow in his green eyes. “She knows how to make an exit.”

“Yes she does,” Rhea agreed gritting her teeth. “And now I’ll make mine.”

She turned to walk in the opposite direction only to be yanked back into Teven’s arms. He circled his arms around her pulling her close until they touched chest to knees. His erection prodded her stomach alerting her to his need.

Magic surged through her, twisting her stomach in knots of desire.

Another flare struck her body, crackling her bones with sexual craving.

“I’ve got you love,” Teven said. His voice, low and soothing, coated her soul in a blanket of comfort.

“I need quiet,” Rhea said over the pain. If she could take a few minutes to meditate she could contain her magic.

“There’s a small temple in the east tower. I can take you there,” Teven offered.

“Thank you.” Rhea took a careful step back. Her body screamed against the separation. She caught her breath as her magic threatened to spiral out of control.

Teven scooped her off her feet.

“I can walk,” Rhea protested.

“You could but let me feel all manly. It’s good for my ego,” Teven said carrying her down the hall.

“I’m not sure your ego can take any more boosting,” Rhea joked as she gasped for air.

Teven smiled. “I think I can handle it. Whether I can handle you is the question.”

Rhea nestled her head against his shoulder. “I doubt it.”

How could he when she couldn’t even control her ability.



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Rhea #25

Jamie gave Rhea a relieved smile as if by sitting next to her she’d saved her life. Rhea hid her grin in the teacup.

“So what is the plan for the rest of the day?” Rhea asked Jamie.

Maybe she should’ve asked the queen but Jamie looked as if she needed someone to talk her off the ledge.

“I’m fitting for my dress.” The words were calm enough but Jamie had that trapped wild animal look in her eyes.

“Maybe we should have a little girl talk before then?” Rhea suggested.

Jamie nodded furiously.

Rhea set down her cup. “If you’ll excuse me your majesties I need to borrow my sister for a bit.”

The queen smiled regally. “Of course dear, feel free.”

The prince gave Jamie a shy look, which she ignored. She stood up, grabbed Rhea’s arm and dragged her out of the room.

“What is wrong with you?” Rhea asked.

“Did you see him?”

“Who? The prince? He seems like a nice enough guy. He’s not a jerk like his brother.”

“The brother you slept with?” Jamie raised an eyebrow.

“Just because I had sex with him doesn’t mean he’s king charming, okay? Now what’s wrong with your future husband?”

“Like you said. He’s nice!” Jamie wailed.

“Will you keep it down,” Rhea hushed her sister. “What’s wrong with nice?”

“I’m not nice,” Jamie said. “What if I spend our lives together turning into a harpy?”

“I don’t think you have to wait long,” Rhea said dryly.

“Very funny. I’m serious Rhea. Nice guys get trampled by girls like me.”

Jamie looked utterly miserable. Rhea gave her a quick hug. “I think you mistake accommodating his future pride to wimp. Give him more of a chance. Would it help if I talked to him? Try to figure out if it’s a permanent personality flaw?”

“Would you?” Jamie asked.

“Sure. I can ask around about him and see what people think. He might just be shy and not wanting to make you uncomfortable.”

Tingles sparked up Rhea’s spine. She didn’t need to look behind her.

“Can I help you ladies with something?” A deep voice asked.

“No your highness, we’re just fine,” Jamie replied.

Rhea didn’t dare look behind her. If she looked she knew she’d have to take. If she ignored his presence she could walk away and not drag him back to his room and lick him from head to toe.

A large, warm hand settled gently on her shoulder. “Anything I can do for you dear?” he asked, whispering huskily in her ear.

The fates weren’t just laughing at her they were giggling on their backs and kicking their feet in the air.


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Rhea #15

Since people are having problems with this one:

Rhea wrenched her arm free. “We aren’t getting married. I don’t know what kind of lame idea is forming in your head, future brother-in-law.”

Ooh it was fun to watch him wince.

“But we are going our separate ways and if we’re lucky we’ll only run into each other at the occasional family gathering. And, if you are really lucky I’ll resist the urge to gut you with my blade.”

The hammering started again.

“Enter.” Rhea yelled before Teven had the chance to lecture her again.

Married. Not in this lifetime. There was no way she was pinning herself down to one guy when there were so many out there. She hadn’t even sampled more than one of the men on this planet. With the number of moons on this planet she’d need much more tasting, comforting and red hot sex.

She didn’t have time to think of much else because two of her largest guards Peller and Rafe slammed their way in. They must’ve just arrived planetside and discovered her missing. The two cat shifters shoved the other guards out of her way. Rhea winced, so much for interplanetary relations. She’d fucked the king and they trounced his servants. They were off to a stellar start.

Two pairs of burning amber eyes glared down at her.

Rhea shrugged. “I guess I should’ve let you know where I was.”

Like she didn’t know about the tracking device they had embedded in her heel. She showed them her best “contrite” look.

“Try to remember next time.” Peller scolded gruffly.

Rafe nodded his angry expression already fading.

“Oh please, I can’t believe you bought that.” Teven glared at her. “If you’d skipped out on me I would’ve spanked you until you couldn’t sit for two days.”

Rhea lifted her chin. “Which is why I’ll never be yours.”

On that pronouncement she sashayed out of the room…only to come face to face with her sister.

“Tell me you didn’t sleep with the king,” Jamie begged.

“Yes darling tell your sister that lie she wants to hear.”

Jamie looked over her shoulder at the king. “She’s really good with a knife you know.”

Rhea smiled, she purposely didn’t turn around and see the king’s face. Better leave while she could still cling to her dignity with her last desperate breath.

“Come on sis, I’ll take you to your room and you can try to get some sleep. Even though you never do,” Jamie coaxed.

“She slept with me.” Teven’s voice could only be described as smug.

Rhea frowned as she realized the king was right she had slept quite soundly in the king’s arms.


Rhea didn’t bother to answer the king, instead she hooked arms with her sister and walked away, her two guards trailing behind.

To give her credit, Jamie waited until they were out of earshot before she gave Rhea hell for being with the king.

“What were you thinking!” Jamie whispered. It was an angry whisper but quiet all the same. The cat shifter guards were probably the only people who could hear her.

“I didn’t know he was the king.” Rhea confessed after she was pretty certain her sister had run out of steam. “It all happened really quickly and the magic was riding me hard.”

“Oh.’ Jamie didn’t have a response for that they both knew what bad decisions she made when she was trying to dull the power of the magic.  It was generally agreed among their people that Rhea had too much magic, but the only effective way of draining it was sex. That still didn’t stop her from denying her mother’s request to set Rhea up with a harem.

Of course picking up strange men who turned out to be kings?

Not necessarily a better choice.


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Blog Story Part #29

Sorry this is a bit late but I did write it 🙂

* * * *

“That could be trickier,” Bella said. She didn’t now anything about being a queen. With her brothers she could discuss war strategy and which weapon would kill what species the easiest but she didn’t know her silks and laces.

“Do you want him?” Queen Gwen asked piercing Bella with her expression.

Thinking back over her time with the king and his sons she realized there were many things she wanted. “Yes. I want to be part of their family.”

From the queen’s smile she knew her answer couldn’t have been more perfect.

Queen Gwen gave her back an approving pat. “Then let’s go get you an engagement ring,” she announced.

Bella laughed, the sound slightly hysterical. “It might be a little tougher to do that then you think.”

“Nonsense. Never a battle won with a faint heart.”

“You and my father would get along,” Bella teased. Her father had a quote for everything and most of them had to do with battles of one kind or another.

“I’ll look forward to meeting him at your wedding,” Queen Gwen linked her arm through Bella’s and led her out the door.

Butterflies swooped around in Bella’s stomach as if they were on a reconnaissance mission to see what maneuver would make her the queasiest. “I don’t know about this.”

“Sure you do. You’ll make a magnificent queen. The best queens are always the ones who don’t hunger for the power. Since I’ve met you I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone less power hungry than you.”

“Maybe you should shop around more,” Bella offered. “Check out the future daughter-in-law merchandise.”

Queen Gwen laughed, her hold surprisingly tight for such an elegant looking woman. “Trust me I’ve checked out the others. None of them showed the least interest in the princes.”


Bella froze in her tracks as Chall appeared before them with a long white lily in his hand. “I picked this for you.”

“Thank you Prince Chall,” Bella said accepting the flower.

The prince gave a bow. “You look lovely grandmother can I escort you to the ball?”

“Why thank you kind sir but I don’t want to abandon Bella.”

“No worries.” Another voice joined the fray.

Fourteen-year old Lianth joined them. He gave Bella a low bow. “I’d be delighted to escort you this evening.”

Bella bit her lip to hide the smile not wanting the prince to think she was laughing at him.

“You look quite handsome this evening Prince Lianth,” she greeted him with a curtsey.

The young prince’s wide shoulder showed promise he’d be as big as his father when he grew up.

“Thank you. Both you ladies are looking beautiful.”

Apparently no matter the age all princes were charming. “And where is our youngest prince?”

She didn’t like to have favorites but Bella couldn’t deny six-year old Varren had a chunk of her heart.

“He’s too young to stay up for a ball,” Prince Chall announced with the fine disdain of an older brother for his sibling.

Bella suspected the young prince probably would sneak out of his room at some point to check out the ball but she didn’t share her belief with the others.

“Shall we go?” Queen Gwen asked the young princes.

Bella took Prince Lianth’s arm and Queen Gwen accepted Prince Chall’s. “At least we’ll have the handsomest escorts at the ball,” Bella told the princes.

Feeling more confident than she had all day, Bella let her royal escorts lead her to the dinner that could possibly determine the path of her life.



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Rhea #24

Here is the link


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