Rhea #30

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She must’ve fallen asleep because her eyes popped open at the sound of shoes walking across the floor.

Rhea rolled off the bed in one direction, Perin rolled the other a fraction before bullet slammed into the mattress.

“Die!” A female shrieked.

Rhea crouched on the floor behind the bed. Her head spun. What had just happened?

Daring to peek over the bed revealed a short woman with a big gun standing in the doorway.

“Who the hell are you?” Rhea asked.

“He’s mine!” Her pale skin had turned a mottled red. Rage glowed in her eyes.

“Okay, you can have him.”

“You are just trying to save yourself. No one would give up being queen. I deserve that crown.”

Rhea wondered if the queen knew she wouldn’t be one much longer.

The shooter unwisely lowered her gun toward Perin. “Maybe I’ll just kill your little pet as a warning.”

Rhea kept a stranglehold on her anger. Most days. An evil bitch threatening her guard fell outside her usual parameters. Energy crackled along her fingers. The girl lowered her gun and Rhea struck.

Energy poured from Rhea’s hand, slamming into the girl. Screaming the intruder fell back and dropped her weapon.

Perin growled. They both stood to approach the girl.

“Is she dead?” Perin asked.

Rhea nudged the fallen girl with her foot. “No. She’s breathing.”

“What happened?” Teven came running up to the temple, a dozen guards at his heels.

“She shot at us,” Rhea said. “Apparently she wanted to be queen. Maybe she hasn’t heard your mother has that job.”

Teven kneeled by the girl, pressing two fingers against her neck. “She’s still alive.”

“You don’t have to sound so surprised. I don’t kill unless I have to. If she’d shot Perin like she said I would’ve killed her.”

Rafe rushed forward, pushing past the soldiers to reach Perin. He wrapped his arms around the other shifter and held him tight. “Are you all right?”

Rhea smiled at their interactions.

“I can’t believe she attacked you?”

“Believe it. Ex-girlfriend?”

Teven shook his head. “No she’s Lord Phenson’s daughter, Vella. I’ve only met her a few times. Mother briefly considered having me wed her but I shot that down after I saw you.”

Rhea couldn’t help the twinge of sympathy she had for the girl. Apparently she didn’t take rejection well. “What are you going to do with her?”

“Take her to the healer then to jail.” Teven ordered his guards. He stood and turned to examine the room. The bullet hole in the mattress had him clenching his jaw. “She’s lucky if I don’t sentence her to death. I’d best let my mother do the sentencing.” He grabbed one of the soldiers. “Have Lord Phenson meet me in my office.”

“Yes, your highness.”

Rafe released Perin and walked over to Rhea. “You have an appointment.”

“Ah, thank you. Have a good evening, your highness.” She tried to step around the king but was unsurprised when he grabbed her arm.

“Where are you going?” His low growl shouldn’t have been so sexy.



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6 responses to “Rhea #30

  1. Teena M

    Wow what an installment. Loved it.

  2. niki driscoll

    damn, its over, I want more. great installment

  3. berryblu

    More, more, more! 😀

    And thanks for this installment.

  4. Kay

    oh wow. I have been waiting so long for you to resume this story. It was great to see more, even if a bit short. I AM SOOOO Looking forward to more, if you had the story out I would have bought it just so I could read the rest. well actually I buy all your work under both names, so I guess that may not help motive you to write faster and or finish this story, but I can hope.

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