Blog Story Part #29

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“What are you up to?” Rafe asked.

Perin slid into the room. “Where are we sneaking off to?”

Rhea grinned. “I love you guys.”

“We know,” they said in unison.

Rhea grinned. “Rafe, get hold of the dragons. Find out where to meet them for the stones.

“I thought Prince Marcep wanted to come with.”

“He can come next time. I need to get out of here.” Rhea scratched at her skin.

Perin grabbed her wrist. “We’re not going to go through that again. Don’t make me shackle you.”

“And don’t make me turn you into a bunny,” Rhea dared.

Perin’s snort of amusement eased her sudden rage. “If you could transform me into a bunny you would’ve a long time ago.”

Rhea crossed her arms, clenching her fists to stop scratching. Last time she’d left bloody tracks up her arm that had taken weeks to heal because her magic kept bursting them open. “I could make you wish you were a bunny.”

“That you could do,” Perin agreed.

“I’ll go to the dragon king. He sounded eager to have you charge his stones. I’m sure he’ll meet you if I tell him you need to purge your magic,” Rafe said.

“I don’t think that’s the only kind of stones he wanted her charging,” Perin growled.

“Well, that’s what I have you two for, to protect my virtue,” Rhea announced.

The three of them exchanged glances then burst into laughter.

Rafe had to wipe the tears from his eyes. “Oh, fuck. I’m out of here. Perin, watch her.”

“Will do.”

The cat shifters exchanged a quick hug then Rafe left.

“I’ve never figured out why you two just don’t mate together.”

Perin scowled. “Because we need a female to be a proper triad. I love Rafe but he doesn’t complete me. We need our third.”

The pain in Perin’s voice pulled Rhea out of her own troubles. “Once we get sis married off we’ll turn up the hunt to get you two your mate.”

“Thank you, princess. Of all the people we couldn’t been assigned to you were the best choice.” Perin gave a short bow.

“If we need to find you a girl shifter to finish your family unit then that’s what we’ll do.” Rhea knew she’d miss cuddling with her shifter guards but they deserved to be happy.

“Lie down princess. I’ll hold you until Rafe returns. It might be a while.”

Rhea nodded. “That’s a good idea.”

She kicked off her shoes and let Perin pull her into his arms. Unlike when she lay with with the king, Rhea’s magic didn’t rise up to take over. Rhea sighed. Despite the momentary reprieve Rhea missed the king’s arms around her.



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7 responses to “Blog Story Part #29

  1. Teena M

    Wow what a treat. Nice installment.

  2. amf

    so happy to read this, thanks

  3. Cinders

    You are awesome!

  4. Almost forgot about this story…oops

  5. Erika S.

    Woooo! Thank you!

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