Bella #30

Okay it’s been a while since I posted. I’m posting a short one for bella to get us back into the swing of things.


Bella sat between two of the most vapid people on the planet. Since there was an overabundance of females at the feast, they placed her between two women who spent the entire time discussing their hair, their nails, and the fact that one of them was going to be the next queen as soon as she lured the king to her side.

Neither of them would make suitable mothers for the princes and she doubted they cared.

Bella gritted her teeth when they turned their attentions to her. It was a good thing they didn’t let her bring a knife to the ball she might have been arrested for murder.

“So where is your family from Bella, is it?”

Bella took a slow deep breath.

“Bella!” Varren rushed around the table to throw his skinny arms around her neck.

“Hey Varren,” Bella said squeezing him tight. “What are you doing out of bed?”

If it wasn’t so late she’d give him an entire box of chocolates for interrupting the boring dinner.

He leaned back but settled in her lap, his eyes wide with excitement. “I heard you were marrying daddy.”

Bella laughed. “We haven’t discussed it yet.”

“Grandma said you were and she’s always right,” Varren said with the confidence only a young child could have.

Bella stroked Varren’s soft hair.

The two women on either side of her went blessedly silent. Bella suspected it was only because they were waiting to hear what she said so they could pass it along to anyone who wandered past their table. These were definitely the gossipmongers of the group.

She tried to pick her words carefully. Despite the princes and the queen thinking they’d made a good couple Zerrin hadn’t said anything to back up their beliefs. There didn’t seem to be a case to make wedding plans if the king didn’t choose her.

Varren tilted his head. “I’d like it if you were my mother,” he confided.

Bella smiled. “I bet whoever you father chooses will love you very much.”

She hoped her words were true. If he king chose either Bella’s dining companions she doubted they’d give the boys a passing glance much less the unconditional love they needed.

“Miss Bella?”

Bella looked up to see Prince Lianth bowing before her. “Would you do me the honor of this dance?”

The young man looked so much like his father Bella’s heart ached. The vulnerability in Lianth’s face as he waited sealed the deal. She scooted Varren off her lap. “I’d be delighted your highness.”

Lianth at fourteen stood a few inches taller than Bella’s petite form so she didn’t feel awkward being led around by the teen.

“You dance very well,” Bella complimented. It wasn’t empty praise either. Whoever had taught Prince Lianth had done a good job. The young man moved Bella around the dance floor with a confident grace missing in a lot of full grown men.

After a few minutes of realizing the prince knew what he was doing, Bella relaxed in his arms and let him sweep her around the dance floor. Now the party was becoming fun.



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15 responses to “Bella #30

  1. Teena M

    Wow I am so excited that you are posting Bella’s story again I have missed Bella the King and his three marriage brokering sons

  2. heather f

    i missed this one im glad to

  3. Susan

    Whew, I thought poor Bella had gotten lost in a Blackhole we hadn’t heard from her in so long. Well I am glad to see she is still living but still stuck in that Hen Dance for the King. At least she is having fun with the kids. Where is the King?

  4. neesie85

    The children are so cute!!!

  5. berryblu

    Thank you, Amber. 🙂

  6. Jessica Hale

    glad to read more of this

  7. Cinders

    The installment was much appreicated sweetie.

  8. Lovely. I would like to see more.

  9. lin

    Excellent way to bring back Bella.

  10. Marie A

    Yea:) Thank you for the installment!

  11. I really missed this story. I’m glad to see it back. I think the king would have a revolution on his hands from his family if he doesn’t choose Bella! lol

  12. jambrea

    *happy sigh* I LOVED this… 🙂

  13. Rain

    This is the cutest story with the kids (of all age). 🙂

  14. Zeneida

    How can I read the rest of this story. I sadly miss the 29 before or so.

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