Rhea #27

Teven carried Rhea to a room of gold veined white marble. In the center of the tower was a bed perched on a dais.

“What’s this for?”

Teven set Rhea carefully on the surface. “This used to be where the priestesses came to meditate. It’s sound proofed so they could do their chanting without bothering anyone sleeping. I added the bed after I heard you were coming. Your father sent a list of requirements. One of them was to have a room where you could unwind. I thought this would work. When you need solitude this room is available for your use.”

Rhea would’ve thanked him for his consideration but a spike of magic jabbed her through the spine and she let out a scream.

“Good thing it’s sound proof,” Rhea joked between pants. She could feel sweat dripping down her face as she fought against the magic. If she didn’t try to hold it back it could literally consumer her.

“Let me help,” Teven offered. He stripped off his shirt and crawled into the bed with her. “If I’d known I’d be joining you I would’ve gotten a larger mattress.”

Rhea laughed through the shards of pain stabbing into her skull. “That’ll teach you to pre-plan better.”

She sucked in her breath as a particularly sharp influx of magic twisted her gut and made the room swirl about her.

Teven kissed her. The magic eased a bit, latching onto the new entity.

“Relax, give it over to me,” Teven growled.

Rhea tried to imagine pushing some of her magic into the king but it stubbornly clung to her. Her mother had once told her she acted as a magic magnet pulling it all inside her with no outlet, hence the harem idea. A concept Rhea couldn’t quite stomach.

“I can’t,” Rhea said hopelessly. She hated feeling so out of control. Her magic had hold of her instead of her controlling the magic.

“Kiss me again and concentrate.” Teven gripped Rhea’s chin and forced her to look him in the eyes. “You can’t take much more magic. I’m the only chance you have of surviving.”

Rhea opened her mouth to object. She could think of several more men in the castle who might do the job.

Teven kissed her. His tongue slid across hers claiming her, coaxing her. With a soft whoosh of sound Rhea felt energy surge from her body. The ache went from sharp and spiky, to dull and familiar. This she could handle.

When Teven lifted his head, for a moment his pupils glowed white. Rhea gasped at the sight but before she could comment they changed back to their natural black.

“I can be your mate, Rhea. Give me a chance to show you I can handle your power. The moons will become unbearable if you don’t take a full time lover as your own and I can tell you now if you take anyone but me they will find themselves in jail before you can take them to bed.”

Rhea wisely refrained from mentioning there were a lot of other surfaces she could have sex on. The king’s intense gaze didn’t allow for teasing banter.

“You’re serious,” Rhea said with wonder. “You really want to be the one to help me bleed off energy.”

“No. I need to be the one,” Teven insisted. “I was born to be your other half.”



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12 responses to “Rhea #27

  1. ohhh, will she give in to him?? ❤ Rhea & Teven

  2. Teena M.

    Oh boy things are getting more and more interesting. Loved this installment can’t wait for the next…

  3. berryblu

    😀 More, more, more!

  4. Jessica Hale(Parsons)

    cant wait for more 🙂

  5. neesie85

    Loving this!!!

  6. Yeah! Can’t wait for the next installment.

  7. Cinders

    I am so greedy i love this story!

  8. Chris Roberts

    Love it.

  9. heather f

    AWESOME!!!! when the next one please

  10. Nice ending line! lol I love this blog story!

  11. sharonjml

    Great story. Can’t wait for the next installment.

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