Rhea #26

I know I skipped Bella. I’ll fit her in this week.


Heat rushed through Rhea’s body originated from Teven’s hand on her arm. Shivers raced down her body at the touch of Teven’s calluses sliding across her skin.

She held back the moan building in her chest. She couldn’t give him that power. If he knew how he affected her she knew he’d take advantage of that fact.

Kings weren’t known for being soft and cuddly.

Not when they had hard bodies and acres of muscles she could happily slide across.


She brutally brought her focus back to the problem at hand. This time it wasn’t about her.

“Is your brother a wimp? Rhea blurted out.

Teven removed his hand. “What?”

“I can’t let Jamie marry a guy she can’t respect.”

Teven scowled. “My brother isn’t a weakling. He’s stronger than most men I know.”

“Jamie’s worried she’ll walk all over him,” Rhea explained. “No offense to your brother but she wanted to make sure. I figure a brother would know best.”

She didn’t want to offend their host but her sister’s future depended on her respecting her future husband.

Teven turned his attention to Jamie. He stared at her so long Rhea started to wonder if she needed to renew her sister’s protection spell. “I think my brother will surprise you. I know he appears easygoing but he has a solid core that will surprise you.”

“Good,” Jamie said. She shifted her attention between Rhea and the king. “I’ll just leave you two alone.”

“No!” Rhea grabbed for her sister who danced out of reach.

“Bye sis,” Jamie wiggled her fingers as she sauntered away down the hall.

“I like her,” Teven said, a bright glow in his green eyes. “She knows how to make an exit.”

“Yes she does,” Rhea agreed gritting her teeth. “And now I’ll make mine.”

She turned to walk in the opposite direction only to be yanked back into Teven’s arms. He circled his arms around her pulling her close until they touched chest to knees. His erection prodded her stomach alerting her to his need.

Magic surged through her, twisting her stomach in knots of desire.

Another flare struck her body, crackling her bones with sexual craving.

“I’ve got you love,” Teven said. His voice, low and soothing, coated her soul in a blanket of comfort.

“I need quiet,” Rhea said over the pain. If she could take a few minutes to meditate she could contain her magic.

“There’s a small temple in the east tower. I can take you there,” Teven offered.

“Thank you.” Rhea took a careful step back. Her body screamed against the separation. She caught her breath as her magic threatened to spiral out of control.

Teven scooped her off her feet.

“I can walk,” Rhea protested.

“You could but let me feel all manly. It’s good for my ego,” Teven said carrying her down the hall.

“I’m not sure your ego can take any more boosting,” Rhea joked as she gasped for air.

Teven smiled. “I think I can handle it. Whether I can handle you is the question.”

Rhea nestled her head against his shoulder. “I doubt it.”

How could he when she couldn’t even control her ability.




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7 responses to “Rhea #26

  1. devon

    I really love these two.

    Amber, by the way, when the blog story is done will you make this available as a single book?

  2. Teena M.

    I am loving this story so far and can’t wait to see what happens next…

  3. authorrainedelight

    Awesome…love this one

  4. jackie

    when are you posting more?

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