Rhea #25

Jamie gave Rhea a relieved smile as if by sitting next to her she’d saved her life. Rhea hid her grin in the teacup.

“So what is the plan for the rest of the day?” Rhea asked Jamie.

Maybe she should’ve asked the queen but Jamie looked as if she needed someone to talk her off the ledge.

“I’m fitting for my dress.” The words were calm enough but Jamie had that trapped wild animal look in her eyes.

“Maybe we should have a little girl talk before then?” Rhea suggested.

Jamie nodded furiously.

Rhea set down her cup. “If you’ll excuse me your majesties I need to borrow my sister for a bit.”

The queen smiled regally. “Of course dear, feel free.”

The prince gave Jamie a shy look, which she ignored. She stood up, grabbed Rhea’s arm and dragged her out of the room.

“What is wrong with you?” Rhea asked.

“Did you see him?”

“Who? The prince? He seems like a nice enough guy. He’s not a jerk like his brother.”

“The brother you slept with?” Jamie raised an eyebrow.

“Just because I had sex with him doesn’t mean he’s king charming, okay? Now what’s wrong with your future husband?”

“Like you said. He’s nice!” Jamie wailed.

“Will you keep it down,” Rhea hushed her sister. “What’s wrong with nice?”

“I’m not nice,” Jamie said. “What if I spend our lives together turning into a harpy?”

“I don’t think you have to wait long,” Rhea said dryly.

“Very funny. I’m serious Rhea. Nice guys get trampled by girls like me.”

Jamie looked utterly miserable. Rhea gave her a quick hug. “I think you mistake accommodating his future pride to wimp. Give him more of a chance. Would it help if I talked to him? Try to figure out if it’s a permanent personality flaw?”

“Would you?” Jamie asked.

“Sure. I can ask around about him and see what people think. He might just be shy and not wanting to make you uncomfortable.”

Tingles sparked up Rhea’s spine. She didn’t need to look behind her.

“Can I help you ladies with something?” A deep voice asked.

“No your highness, we’re just fine,” Jamie replied.

Rhea didn’t dare look behind her. If she looked she knew she’d have to take. If she ignored his presence she could walk away and not drag him back to his room and lick him from head to toe.

A large, warm hand settled gently on her shoulder. “Anything I can do for you dear?” he asked, whispering huskily in her ear.

The fates weren’t just laughing at her they were giggling on their backs and kicking their feet in the air.



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13 responses to “Rhea #25

  1. Teena M.

    LOL giggling on their back kicking their feet in the air. Now that’s funny, poor Rhea she’s got her moon goddess hands full…

  2. neesie85

    Poor rhea… Lol

  3. I love how the fates are kicking in the air lick school children. 🙂

  4. TerriA

    Happy to see this one back.

  5. heather f

    ohh just what i needed!!!

  6. Jessica Hale

    just what i needed to make me smile today 🙂

  7. devon

    so good to see our “happy” couple again 🙂

  8. Bubba

    “The fates weren’t just laughing at her they were giggling on their backs and kicking their feet in the air.”

    so true, one is called Amber the other Mikela! LOL

  9. Laurie H

    What a visual, feet kicking is a must!

  10. berryblu

    I’ll add my admiration for that last bit. LOL

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