Rhea #15

Since people are having problems with this one:

Rhea wrenched her arm free. “We aren’t getting married. I don’t know what kind of lame idea is forming in your head, future brother-in-law.”

Ooh it was fun to watch him wince.

“But we are going our separate ways and if we’re lucky we’ll only run into each other at the occasional family gathering. And, if you are really lucky I’ll resist the urge to gut you with my blade.”

The hammering started again.

“Enter.” Rhea yelled before Teven had the chance to lecture her again.

Married. Not in this lifetime. There was no way she was pinning herself down to one guy when there were so many out there. She hadn’t even sampled more than one of the men on this planet. With the number of moons on this planet she’d need much more tasting, comforting and red hot sex.

She didn’t have time to think of much else because two of her largest guards Peller and Rafe slammed their way in. They must’ve just arrived planetside and discovered her missing. The two cat shifters shoved the other guards out of her way. Rhea winced, so much for interplanetary relations. She’d fucked the king and they trounced his servants. They were off to a stellar start.

Two pairs of burning amber eyes glared down at her.

Rhea shrugged. “I guess I should’ve let you know where I was.”

Like she didn’t know about the tracking device they had embedded in her heel. She showed them her best “contrite” look.

“Try to remember next time.” Peller scolded gruffly.

Rafe nodded his angry expression already fading.

“Oh please, I can’t believe you bought that.” Teven glared at her. “If you’d skipped out on me I would’ve spanked you until you couldn’t sit for two days.”

Rhea lifted her chin. “Which is why I’ll never be yours.”

On that pronouncement she sashayed out of the room…only to come face to face with her sister.

“Tell me you didn’t sleep with the king,” Jamie begged.

“Yes darling tell your sister that lie she wants to hear.”

Jamie looked over her shoulder at the king. “She’s really good with a knife you know.”

Rhea smiled, she purposely didn’t turn around and see the king’s face. Better leave while she could still cling to her dignity with her last desperate breath.

“Come on sis, I’ll take you to your room and you can try to get some sleep. Even though you never do,” Jamie coaxed.

“She slept with me.” Teven’s voice could only be described as smug.

Rhea frowned as she realized the king was right she had slept quite soundly in the king’s arms.


Rhea didn’t bother to answer the king, instead she hooked arms with her sister and walked away, her two guards trailing behind.

To give her credit, Jamie waited until they were out of earshot before she gave Rhea hell for being with the king.

“What were you thinking!” Jamie whispered. It was an angry whisper but quiet all the same. The cat shifter guards were probably the only people who could hear her.

“I didn’t know he was the king.” Rhea confessed after she was pretty certain her sister had run out of steam. “It all happened really quickly and the magic was riding me hard.”

“Oh.’ Jamie didn’t have a response for that they both knew what bad decisions she made when she was trying to dull the power of the magic.  It was generally agreed among their people that Rhea had too much magic, but the only effective way of draining it was sex. That still didn’t stop her from denying her mother’s request to set Rhea up with a harem.

Of course picking up strange men who turned out to be kings?

Not necessarily a better choice.



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7 responses to “Rhea #15

  1. Teena M

    Oh boy we hit the blog story lottery today has started off to be a good one.

  2. Erika S.

    Ok, I am thoroughly confused. I could have sworn we were nearly up to part 25 on Rhea. Did I miss something (entirely likely given my day.) 🙂

  3. Leona

    thank you amber greatly appreciate it

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