My Guest Today is JJ Massa!

Hi there!

First let me say that I’m totally delighted to be invited to Amber’s blog. I was pleased when we set the date, too. But then, she told me what she wanted me to write about.
“I’m asking authors to write their favorite birthday memory…”  That’s what she said.
Oh, man.
Let me say right now, I’m 49 years old–49 years, 0 months, and 19 days, to be exact. Granted, that’s not so many birthdays that I’ve forgotten all of them. It’s just, I’ve been busy. This past birthday is automatically right up there among the favorites by virtue of coming through it unscathed. Still, I didn’t get to spend much time with my family unless you count worrying about the storm with my niece. She made me some excellent pierogies and a yummy red velvet cake. Unfortunately, my calls from my girls were laden with questions about whether the electricity was still on, everyone’s safety, downed trees, how much snow we were having and if the gas heat had kicked in. I count myself especially lucky that I had four walls and a roof around me, and that I did get to speak to those most important in my life.
I vividly remember my tenth birthday–I wanted a train set so badly. completely by accident–honest!–I found a large box housing a train set in a closet or under a bed the morning of my big one-oh. Just like that, the pleasure of the day was drained away. I suppose you could say that I learned a valuable lesson that day. I will always love trains, but I didn’t enjoy that particular gift much.
These days, I love any birthday that includes hearing the voices of both of my daughters, along with my sister and niece, and talking to close friends are a bonus beyond measure.
In short, every birthday is my favorite. The thing I like most about celebrating birthdays, besides ice cream cake and red velvet, is being here to celebrate the day in the first place.
With that in mind, I’m going to share my belated birthday with you. Two readers who comment will get to choose one of my books for download. Check my website to see what’s on offer.
Thanks again, Amber, for having me here today.


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25 responses to “My Guest Today is JJ Massa!

  1. heather f

    your right every b-day is special!

  2. neesie85

    Got to hate when the surprise is ruined!!! Live surprises!

  3. Lillian

    Happy Birthday month to you too. Grateful that you and yours made it through the storm ok.

  4. Chris Roberts

    Hey JJ. Glad you made it through the storm. Do you know when you are going to release Art & Soul?

  5. lin Vining

    Yuppers. That would ruin the surprise . My kids would rewrap theirs so one year I wrapped old stuff man they were unhappy. Loly sister had the real present. They never did it again.

  6. JenCW

    It’s true. All birthdays should be enjoyed. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in things that really aren’t that important in the long run. My parents were really good at hiding presents for me, but then I didn’t really look everywhere either. I only found one once; and you’re right it wasn’t the same knowing what was coming.

  7. Hi I like you birthday memories. I am glade you made it through the storm. Thank you for stopping buy and sharing with us. 🙂 I will be checking out your books.

  8. TerriA

    Thanks for stopping by. Amber’s b-day month always introduces me to a few new authors. My Grandmother was 96 this year. She tells everybody! She’s says at her age she doesn’t care anymore. Each birthday is a milestone. Yeah,she’s still pretty sharp. Me? I’m still in denial!

  9. Deborah H

    Dang I hate ruined surprises…..

  10. Sandra9

    thanks for sharing a birthday memory with us

  11. Laurie P

    Thanks for sharing, and you’re right. Everyday birthday is special in its own way. Of course I’ve now reached the point of celebrating the anniversary of my 29th birthday instead.

  12. Melinda

    I have to say I never have had a memorable birthday. My husband and I don’t celebrate. His is 2 weeks before mine so for 14 days he is 10 year older than me. But this year we spent both of our birthdays at Lake Powell. Just relaxing.

  13. dracolady

    I get that memory, when I was nine I found my present by accident and like you it just took some of the shine off of the day. Glad you got through the storm o.k. and thanks for coming by the birthday bash.

  14. Zeneida

    Thanks for coming!! If it was for me I will not celebrate it but my kids like to do fun stuff for me and that make it much better.

  15. yganoe

    Thanks for sharing the BD memory with us…all of them should be special.

  16. It’s funny what kids want. I wanted a chemistry set at that age. Didn’t actually get it, but that is a different story.

  17. Marie A

    Birthdays are funny things sometimes;)

  18. Silence

    thanks for sharing

  19. Nae

    Ice cream and family makes a good birthday 🙂

  20. Jessica Hale

    every birthday is made special by who you spend it with 🙂

  21. H.B.

    thank you for stopping by and sharing =)

  22. devon

    True enough – every birthday should be special…after all it’s better than the alternative.

  23. Krista

    Thanks for sharing. Loved you birthday memory. You book sounds great too.

  24. nikid

    i enjoyed your birthday memory. I would like to say I had a favorite but I really dont. my most memorable one was that my husband suprised me with an elephant ride. I always wanted to try it and he found someplace to let me.

  25. Marie*

    Hi JJ
    love your worlds
    I have to mention Cat Toy is in my top books I re-read, I have it in paperback & when it came out in ebook I put it on my ereader, I did
    notice that some of the last chapter in the ebook is different but
    just as fascinating 🙂

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