So sorry! I’ve been extremely sick. I spent yesterday at urgent care and then the emergency room getting an IV. I have a sinus infection that has laid me low. Just so you know if I don’t finish this story by the end of November I will continue it until it is finished. I had a perfect storm of sickness in my household with my two children bringing two different viruses from two different schools so I’ve spent almost two weeks of November with one sort of illness or another. This birthday month is definitely not going as smoothly as I was hoping *sigh* but stay tuned and I will try to catch up!



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27 responses to “Update!

  1. Teena M

    Hope you feel better real soon

  2. stupid auto correct. hope you feel better

  3. Diane A

    Thanks for the update, but I’m sure we’re all more concerned about you and your health!!! Take care of yourself and I hope you are better soon!
    (((Hugs))) and get well wishes!

  4. jambrea

    (((hug))) I just hope you get to feeling better!!!!

  5. Jessica Hale

    thats sucks for your birthday month but hope you get better soon so you can enjoy *hugs*

  6. Lillian

    Lots of fluids and extra time in the shower to steam. Get well. We aren’t going anywhere.

  7. Melinda

    Hope you feel better.

  8. Laurie P

    We just want you to feel better!

  9. H.B.

    I hope you get better soon!

  10. heather f

    hope you get better!!!

  11. Heather S.

    T-T I hope you feel better soon!

  12. devon

    oh you poor thing, I hope you start feeling better soon.

  13. Tera

    I’m so sorry, take care of yourself and get better!

  14. Christine F.

    Hope you feel better soon

  15. kathy cole

    feel better! always sucks to be sick.

  16. Margaret S

    Look after yourself and the family that come first – The blog can wait until you are better. I hope you beat these bugs soon and bounce back you your usual self.

  17. Rain

    Feel better soon!

  18. Kristy G.

    Your health and family health comes first. Please take care of yourself and kids then if you have time and feel like it post the story then..I hope you are well soon take care..

  19. lin

    Prayers bunny, just get well.

  20. TerriA

    We’re not going to go away just because you’re ill. -Okay,that sounded a bit stalkerish.*g* – We’ve all been there. We’ll still be here when you and family are well.

  21. Bobbi

    Hope you (and your family) get better soon! Take care and we will wait…

  22. JenCW

    I hope that you and your family get better really soon! Take care of yourself and your family first. We will be here waiting patiently for the stories and your blog updates as you feel up to them.

  23. berryblu

    Take care of yourself and family first.

    We’ll wait for the rest – maybe poke a bit though. 😉

  24. I say you get a “DO OVER BIRTHDAY” because yours was when you were sick, and everyone else was sick around you. Hope you get better soon. Sinus infections can be an real downer, just be glad it didn’t affect your middle ear. Then you’d be dizzy as well as sicker from that. Oh hope I didn’t jinx you. KNOCK ON WOOD.

  25. younela

    Just concentrate on getting well. Big hugs sent by cyber space

  26. chickie434

    Well, I hope you get better soon than. I work with a lots of kids now, so sickness is an unwanted friend of mine. Hope everything works out for you!

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