Rhea #19

“Hello,” Rhea said.

Her shifter guards growled in warning.

“Temper, temper kitty cats,” the stranger taunted.

“Can I help you?”

“I’m Brurien, leader of the dragons. I need your magic pretty one?”

“I thought I was crunchy one.” Rhea reminded him.

Brurien’s smile showed more sharp teeth than a human would. “I’m sure you taste delicious.”

Rafe snarled. “I could kill him for you.”

Brurien flexed his hands, claws popped out of the tips. “You can try little kitty but I’d hate to have to kill you both. It won’t encourage good relations.”

“What do you need my magic for?” Rhea asked. She didn’t exactly know what to do with this dragon in human form. She might like dragons but she didn’t trust this one.

The little Wiewon made a chirping noise.  Rhea raised an eyebrow. “Relative of yours?”

Brurien shrugged. “Distant cousin.”

“Huh.” The four of them stood there for a moment watching each other. Rhea didn’t know what to do from there. No way would she wander off with this dragon shifter. Something in his blue eyes told her he couldn’t be trusted.

“There you are, dear.”

Rhea spun around to find the king approaching.

“Were you looking for me?”

She might not know how she felt about the man but he looked good from any angle. Her moon magic spiked the closer he approached.

“You shouldn’t go to the market alone you never know what dangers are waiting for you.”

Rhea turned to find Brurien had vanished.

“What do you know about dragon shifters?” Rhea asked. She accepted the arm Teven held out.

“They are all no good vagrants that live in the desert and prey on others. We’d be best off if they all disappeared,” Teven growled.

Rhea didn’t say anything. She needed to assess the situation. The dragon shifter appeared to have an agenda that included Rhea in some manner. She’d withhold judgment until she learned more. Even as she let the king lead her away she knew it wouldn’t be the last time she saw the dragon shifter.

“What are you going to do with the Wiewon?” Teven asked curiously.

“Give it to my sister,” Rhea replied.

The little creature chirped.

“Or keep him.” Rhea didn’t know if she’d be able to give him up but it wasn’t fair to the small animal to bond with it when she still planned to leave the planet. “I’ll think of something.”

She already felt a bond with the little dragon bird.

Teven grinned. “You should definitely keep him. He’ll help keep you calm while you plan your wedding.”

Rhea laughed. “I’ll give you points for persistence.”

“How many points do I need for a wedding?” Teven asked curiously.

“Ten thousand,” Rhea said promptly.

“How many do I have?”

“Ten.” Rhea smiled.

“I guess I have a lot of work to do.”

Rhea didn’t like the happiness in Teven’s voice. The king sounded like he’d enjoy the challenge.



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41 responses to “Rhea #19

  1. neesie85

    He he he… Teven is definitely stubborn!! And relentless!!! Can’t wait for more!!!

  2. Melinda

    That was funny. Only 10 of 10000.

  3. TerriA

    Wish I’d had a point system. I’d have ended up much better off!! LOL

  4. Leann

    I wonder what he will have to do to get that many points?

  5. Deborah H

    Hahaha…. He is relentless but at least he saved her from a dragon shifter who wants her magic.

  6. Teena M.

    Hmmmm that’s interesting I wonder if the dragon shifter and the king will get along in Rhea’s bed lol. Can’t wait to find out.

  7. Tera

    Rhea’s gonna have an interesting time heh, heh, heh 🙂

  8. Marie A

    Now he has a defined goal . . . .

  9. lin Vining

    Oh my. Challenge given challenge accepted

  10. Laurie P

    I’m guessing that Rhea has met her match in persistent. Goody, can’t wait to watch the sparks fly!

  11. Sami

    hmm, how will Teven earn the remaining points?

  12. Laurie H

    Somehow I see the pet coming to the rescue with the dragon shifters.

  13. Donna

    Might this be a three-some? Those are fun.

  14. oooo. wonder if he will reach the 10,000 points. .

  15. ckh988

    Teven’s really persistant!

  16. kellee

    Bridging the gap between the King and the Dragon shifters? More and more interesting!

  17. Nae

    She should have said 1 million. Just to be safe 🙂

  18. Silence

    interesting. can’t wait for more.

  19. Tracy

    Love it! Teven has some work to do.

  20. JenCW

    Teven has a lot of work to do to increase his points. However, he doesn’t seem to discouraged either. Maybe he knows something more than the rest of us.

  21. heather f

    ohh my god this is getting good!!!!!!

  22. CC

    The dragon guy is worrisome.

  23. nikid

    well well well. I just knew that dragon was a shifter, I wonder if the two guys are going to learn to share.

  24. Diane Mc.

    The pet is going to be an important part of the story.

  25. Diane A

    I like Teven! I was kinda thought the dragon shifter might be her partner, but I think this makes for some interesting possibilities!!!

  26. Evi

    Hmmm…. Dragon man seems fo be hiding something with the vanishing act I wonder what he’s up to… Great installment it had me rofl!

  27. Jenn

    I just knew the the dragon was going to turn into a shifter. Woot. Teven is going to have some some competion on his hands.

  28. Lillian

    Interesting installment.

  29. devon

    Might be fun if Rhea got both the king and the dragon shifter in her bed…

  30. chickie434

    Oh I love Teven. How many points do I need for a wedding? I burst out laughing at that. Can’t wait to see what the dragons want.

  31. I really like Teven and I didn’t think I would. Now I wonder if Rhea will listen to her instincts about the dragon shifter or like most stupid women in romance novels, let curiosity lead her to put her own butt in a sling!

  32. Krista

    This is getting good. We will see what the dragon shifter wants. She should be able to bring the two people together.

  33. berryblu

    I still like Brurien. Hope he turns out okay. 🙂

  34. Lisette

    Can’t wait to see what happens next….
    PS: wasn’t able to post on your 19th Wand Maker…Oh Well….both great posts today Amber…

  35. arella3173

    oooh… smells like trouble… I wonder what kind of trouble the dragon shifter will bring……

    Looking forward to the next!! \^o^/

  36. H.B.

    They make such a cute couple, lol. He needs 10,000 pts and only has 10 how fast can he rack them up? lol

  37. SuzyQue

    Don’t know, liking the king more and more! Waiting to see what happens!

  38. Jessica Hale

    cant wait to see what happens next 🙂

  39. Zeneida

    I like the King, This is getting better and better. The Man Dragon on the other hand seem very tricky.

  40. Katie 13

    Hmmm I wonder if he’ll decide that having her never leave her bed will give him all the points he needs…. or at least her exhaustion so she can’t object!

  41. authorrainedelight

    ooohhhh this is getting so dang good

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