Rhea #18

A little late today but here it is.


* * * *


Rhea’s feet were starting to hurt by the time she reached the marketplace. The cobblestones hit her soles at just the wrong spot.

“I’ve never been so glad to see a marketplace in my life,” Rhea muttered.

Her guards laughed.

“You’ve gotten soft,” Rafe teased.

“Apparently.” She wouldn’t argue that she could still beat her guard in a match. She liked it when they underestimated her.

“Where to you want to start?” Perin asked, he tended to be the more diplomatic of the pair.

Rhea scanned the colorful booths. The marketplace had an interesting combination of food and wares like a festival had come to town. “I’m starving let’s get some food.”

The guards made happy noises of approval. Rhea laughed. Cat shifters could always eat. Her mother always told Rhea it was a good thing she had money otherwise she’d never be able to afford her guards.

A pastry stand caught her eye. Meat filled or sweet the assortment covered an entire table. “I’ll take two meat pastries and one with fruit.”

The seller nodded and the food for money exchange went smoothly.

“How did you get proper coins?” Perin asked.

“I had father import some for me. I hate coming to a new planet without funds,” Rhea answered.

“Good planning,” Rafe approved.

Rhea shook her head in amusement at her guards as she ate her fruit filled pastry. They walked down the main thoroughfare as they ate pointing and commenting on things until they came to a small booth that held tiny dragons in cages. They were nothing like the monster that had landed on the train, these looked more like scaly birds. An odd chirping filled the air.

“Why would you cage the baby dragons?” Rhea asked the proprietor.

“You must be new miss. These aren’t dragons they’re Wiewons. They die if they aren’t cared for. They’ve been domesticated until they now can’t survive in the wild.” The man waved a hand to the multi-colored creatures on display. “They were almost hunted to extinction for their hides.”

Rhea peeked into one golden cage and the shimmering multi-colored creature chirped at her. “Can you take them off planet?”

“No,” the propriety shook his head. “They do poorly in space travel.”

“Princess Jamie might like one,” Rafe said.

Rhea nodded. “That’s what I was thinking. As an engagement present. Something from her new home world.”

“They make fabulous gifts,” the seller praised.

Rhea had a feeling he’d say that about anything he sold. “Do they get lonely?”

The dragon birds looked kind of sad to her. Maybe if they had friends they’d be happier. She slid her finger through the bar and the shimmering creature rubbed against her nail.

“Careful miss, they’ll bite if they feel threatened.”

“I won’t hurt you little one,” Rhea murmured to the creature.


The word drifted into Rhea’s mind. Not of her choosing.

“Oh, they’re empathic,” Rhea said in delight.

The seller frowned. “What do you mean?”

“They talk,” Rhea insisted.

“I’ve heard stories of them speaking but only to the goddess blessed.” She got a strange look from the man. “What did it say?”

“It called me friend.” Rhea smiled at the little beast.

To her surprise the seller picked up the cage and handed it over. “Sometimes they choose their own people. Let me give this to you.”

Rhea took the cage. “Thank you. Are you sure you won’t take my money?”

The seller shook his head. “I can’t go against the will of the goddess. Happy day to you and yours.”

“Thank you again.”

Rafe took the cage from Rhea. “I’ll carry him.”

Rhea turned to go back to the castle and came face to face with a tall man with wide shoulders and the eyes of a dragon.



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54 responses to “Rhea #18

  1. Laureen

    Her dragon is here to claim her… hahaha. I’m enjoying your birthday stories!!!

  2. neesie85

    Evil… It was getting really interesting and then bam now I have to wait for more!!! Evil lol!!!

  3. Sandra9

    i agree cant wait to till tomorrow

  4. Teena M.

    oh boy a first a King then a new pet and then hot damn a man with dragon eyes… Can’t wait until tomorrows installment..

  5. Laurie P

    Tomorrow can’t come soon enough, arghhhhh….I hate waiting!

  6. kellee

    Oh, lovely! Can’t wait to hear about the dragon man.

  7. Heather S.

    Oooh my! I’m so intrigued though I’m very glad this wasn’t a regular blog story I think I would go crazy waiting between postings.

  8. Zeneida

    Oh dragon eyes. thats interesting. Can’t wait until tomorrow.

  9. heather f

    let guess who this is LOL!?!?!?!

  10. JenCW

    Oh! I hope it’s the same dragon from the train. Is he going to ask for his boon? I can’t wait until tomorrow now.

  11. Diane A

    Hmmm, time to pay back?!? Can hardly wait for tomorrow!!!

  12. Deborah H

    What I wonder who he is? Great story! Love it.

  13. Lisette

    Love it…but leaving us hanging until tomorrow…LOL
    hmmmmm interesting …dragon eyes…

  14. love the story…maybe the man is the dragon from the train? Can’t wait for more

  15. berryblu

    Oh, evil Amber. 😮 You just can’t leave us here. 😛

  16. ckh988

    The wiewon sounds really cute.

  17. Sami

    time for a favor to be called in

  18. Melinda

    More, more, more.

  19. Chris Roberts

    The wiewon is so cute! I want one!

  20. Toni griffin

    Ohhhh….. Next please….. Need more 🙂

  21. nikid

    the plot thickens

  22. Elisabeth

    Ooooh! I wonder if the Dragon and the King will fight over her? Of course, there HAS been mention of a harem!

  23. TerriA

    I want a Wiewon for Christmas. I’ll feed it and walk it (er… fly it?)and bath it. Pleeeeze

  24. Marie A

    Oooohhhh. . . can’t wait until tomorrow!

  25. Bubba

    The plot is beginning to resemble the plot of Amber Kell´s Mate Hunt.

  26. Christine F.

    Ooo…. dragon shifters, love it!

  27. Diane Mc.

    Can’t wait to see who the dragon is.

  28. devon

    oooh man, I want more of the dragon man, you had to stop there…

  29. Bobbi

    Amber sure knows how to add the twists!!

  30. Silence

    can’t wait

  31. I knew there had to be dragon shifters awesome!!!!! :):):) can not wait till tomorrow!!

  32. CC

    Dragon man??? Fascinating.

  33. SheriV

    I’m horrible at waiting for more.

  34. Tracy

    Can’t wait for tomorrow.

  35. Kristy G.

    Ok…Dragon Eyes..hhmm..a shifter maybe…let us see

  36. Krista

    Hmmm dragon shapeshifter. Can’t wait to find out.

  37. Jessica Hale

    a man with dragon eyes cant wait for the next one

  38. Sabrina v.

    Oh man. What a way to end….

  39. ooooo is the dragon a shifter and wants to call in the favor?

  40. authorrainedelight

    oh man what happens next?

  41. I am so hooked on this story…! I’ve got to be able to read this all at once!

  42. Rain

    😮 A mystery man…

  43. arella3173

    Aw. how cute…
    Oooh… and who might this be?? Aha… eyes of a dragon? Excited for the next!

  44. Lillian

    Dragon eyes. Oh my.

  45. Tera

    OOOOOHHH Dragon shifters yeah :))

  46. lin vining

    Ummm not sure how the king is gonna feel about a man with dragon eyes and Rhea. wonder if he’ll think she’s a friend.

  47. H.B.

    Hmmm… dragon eyes….I’m so looking forward for the next installment.

  48. Donna

    Ah, the dragons have arrived!

  49. SuzyQue

    I knew shed meet up w a dragon, but just not two at a time lol!

  50. Katie 13

    ohhhhh this is getting even more interesting!

  51. Marie*

    Is he the baddy…lol

  52. dracolady

    This story is so interesting.

  53. chickie434

    Ah, now she has her very own Wiewon. I was wondering what happened to your post, glad I didn’t miss it.

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