Rhea #17

The next few days will be hosted on my blog. I hope your enjoying the story 🙂

* * * *

“Yes, well nice to see you like the gift I must be going now.” With a vague wave, Rhea ditched them both. She’d pay for that later she knew but until that time she was going to make her escape.

Whew who knew giving a simple necklace involved so much emotion. Sure it was a moonstone in the shape of a dragon but she thought it was appropriate for a land that had both dragons and lots of moons. And if she weaved a few spells of protection and good health and perhaps a dash of mood lightener because she’d heard the older woman was pining for her lost king, who was to know.

She surely wasn’t going to tell.

Rhea didn’t far before her shifter guards flanked her on either side. “The king baby girl?” Perin asked in a sing song voice.

“What can I say the guy was hot?”

The men chuckled on either side of her like stereo sound.

“At least he’s better looking than that guy you picked up at the space port last year.” Rafe said with a chuckle.

“Hell, anyone was better than that guy. You must’ve been magic-blinded when you found him,” Perin agreed.

Rhea laughed along with them. “Pretty much.” She didn’t mention that the man wasn’t much to look at but unclothed he was a piece of art. She walked funny for three days after that one.

Hmm. Good times.

She was still smiling until she turned the corner and came face to face with a man who looked like a younger, smoother version of the king.

“Greetings.” He said with a wide smile. “You must be my future sister-in-law. I’m Prince Marcep.”

“Greetings your majesty, I’m Rhea.” Rhea said. The guy looked enough like his brother to have her frowning when she took his hand.

“Oh dear. Have I already displeased you?” His blue eyes dance with amusement.

“No. Let’s just say I’ve met your brother.”

Marcep laughed, it was a good look on him. “So you’re the one who caused all the upset this morning.”

“I didn’t cause the upset.” Rhea said self-righteously. “Can’t a girl have a little pointless sex to take the edge off without getting married? What kind of planet is this anyway?”

Now the prince was laughing so hard tears pooled in his eyes.

Rhea gave a growl of disgust and marched past him.


“Where are we going?” Rafe asked.

Rhea shrugged. “Let’s go visit the market. Maybe they’ll have something I can buy for the sibs.”

“Don’t forget your mother.” Perin said. “Remember when you visited Vallain and didn’t bring her back anything.”

“Good point.” She held back the shudder by force of will. “Maybe a pretty ring. I’ve heard that they have some amazing craftsman.”

Rhea caught sight of a page up ahead. “Boy.” She yelled.

The servant stopped in his tracks and turned to face her, his face sullen. “My name is Berl.”

“Good for you.” Rhea praised. She pulled a coin out of her pocket. A push of magic sent it spinning in her hand. “If you tell us how to get to the marketplace this is all yours.”

Berl smiled. “Go straight ahead and take a left at the first intersection. The third door on your right will take you outside. Follow the street and there are signs to lead you to the marketplace.”

“Thank you Berl.” Rhea tossed him the coin which he caught with practiced ease.



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44 responses to “Rhea #17

  1. Jessica Hale

    wonder if she’ll find trouble in the marketplace lol

  2. Lillian

    Yay its saturday. Off to Niagara Falls, Maybe do some Christmas shopping. (shuddering) I won’t see any dragons though.

  3. Teena M

    I am loving this story so far and can’t wait to see what mischief Rhea gets herself into next.

  4. cherri h

    Woot Woot lets go shopping lol

  5. Marie A

    I am enjoying the story very much! Awaiting each new segment:)

  6. kathy cole

    Rhea is the best – love her. Thanks Amber.

  7. authorrainedelight

    ooohhh this is getting really good

  8. JenCW

    The story is great! I can’t wait for more. I wonder what trouble she’ll find at the market?

  9. Carrie

    Rhea is in for a rude awakening not tosay at least the king too. what will tommorrow bring?

  10. Tracy

    Can’t wait to see what happens at the market!

  11. Diane A

    I’m thinking Rhea needs to read a bit more about the customs since every time she says she is not marrying Teven, people start laughing….this should be good!

  12. Donna

    I’m thinking there may be more to Berl, too.

  13. Christine F.

    Can’t wait to see what happens next

  14. It is getting Awesome!!! I can not wait for more please. I do so love your birthday month 🙂

  15. Zeneida

    Rhea needs a lesson.

  16. oooh I would love to have that necklace. I don’t think that the king will be happy to hear that she went to the marketplace . . .

  17. SuzyQue

    I think that the dragons are going to visit her in the marketplace hmmmm???? LOL

  18. Rain

    Yep, I’m enjoying it. Thanks! 😀

  19. neesie85

    Am loving the story…. Each day I look forward to the next installment

  20. Deborah H

    Love this. But I wonder if the king will send for her. That will go over great. Lol

  21. Laurie P

    You just know there is trouble ahead in the marketplace.

  22. heather f

    hmhmhmhmhhm whats gonna happen next!?!?!?!?!!?

  23. Bubba

    I am enjoying this story – it is funny, actually hillarious 😀
    still hope she ends up with a dragon-shifter or bonded to the dragon who she spoke to on the trip.
    Will she end up with 2-5 husbands? that would be funny – a harem of her own, who she is bonded to metaphysically/magically.

  24. CC

    This story is so funny and Rhea is so sweet. She gave a really thoughtful gift … to her future mother-in-law. LOL.

  25. Chris Roberts

    Love shopping! And this way my feet can’t get tired.

  26. Katie 13

    I do like rhea as a main character…. interesting times!

  27. ckh988

    The queen’s gift that Rhea made sounds really beautiful and I laughed when I read the line about taking the edge off. Rhea definitely is my kind of girl.

  28. Laurie H

    Why do I get the feeling Berl isn’t a page?

  29. berryblu

    The marketplace. So much trouble to be had. 🙂

    Thanks Amber.

  30. devon

    great installment – cant wait for tomorrow 🙂


    Love it …can’t wait to see what she gets up to next…

  32. Renee

    This story is so fun. I love Rhea

  33. Krista

    I love this story. Can’t wait for more.

  34. dracolady

    I am really loving this story.

  35. TerriA

    I like that it’s the female trying to get away with meaningless sex. Silly girl. lol

  36. arella3173

    Hmm? I wonder what she shall find at the market… LOL..
    Really enjoying the story~~ heh… 😀

  37. H.B.

    wonderful installment looking forward to tomorrows.

  38. Amanda D Kleinschmit

    A fun story, and I am anticipating interesting times at the market.

  39. Sami

    having lot of fun with this one

  40. Really loving this story. I hope you will have this published so I can read it all at one sitting.

  41. chickie434

    Can’t wait to find out what happens at the marketplace.

  42. SheriV

    really love the story

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