Winners & Rhea #15

I have updated the winners page. If anyone wonders winners are chosen by a random number generator. Today’s prize is a $50.00 GC. To enter to win leave a comment at the Rhea #15 post.

For those of you who win dragons I am shipping everything out at the end of the month because I hate mailing stuff and you are more likely to get it then LOL!

The next posting of Rhea is here



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5 responses to “Winners & Rhea #15

  1. Jenn

    Dragon are the best.

  2. Einhverf

    Still waiting for her mate (or mates) Still hope for Dragon-shifters. πŸ˜€

    Will Jamie really marry a man who had sex and slept with her sister? There must be a better choice for her.

  3. Amber Kell

    The guy who had sex with Rhea is the king. her sister is engaged to his brother.

  4. Dragons sound very interedting, but what would pair with?

  5. Jessica Hale

    so loving this story πŸ™‚

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