Birthday Bash Guest – Lindsay Klug!

Most memorable birthday:
When I was seven, my aunt and mom took me down to my aunt’s lake house in San Angelo, Texas. I loved going there, but this day was more memorable than the others.
After a short car ride, I found myself running along side the lake, enjoying the cushy grass and boats careening by. I noticed a goose following me, and being a seven year old, I giggled. The goose walked beside me around the entire property, and even followed me to the boat when we were going fishing and tried to board. She waited at the dock and we ‘played’ for the rest of the afternoon.
My cake was already lit when I went inside, and I made the obligatory pony wish and blew out the candles. But, wait. What’s this? The candles relit.
And relit again. And again.
My mom and aunt looked at the box they’d snatched at the store and found they were the joke candles. Har-de-har. Seven year old me wasn’t amused.
Safe to say, I always think of that birthday when I’m trying to overdo myself with my kids parties. Is a deterrent. Oh, and that goose followed me around the rest of the summer. She waited in the driveway every day when I left until I came back. I miss Lucy.
Thanks for hosting me today, amber! I can be found at
Buy link Blurb:

Mel McIntyre thought she was all set in life: a fabulous job, a cute apartment, and a cat. But when her sister dies and her last living relative, nephew Joey, disappears she finds everything she knew in upheaval.

Now she’s unwillingly thrown into a world she never thought existed. Thanks to an almost fatal mistake made by Joey, Mel finds herself suddenly intertwined with a vampire named Levi. She quickly discovers this isn’t the good thing she thought it to be.

Mel becomes a shell of her former self. Can she find the strength to battle back? Or will she let the vampires win?

Thanks again!

Lindsay will be giving away a copy from her backlist to one lucky commenter.



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16 responses to “Birthday Bash Guest – Lindsay Klug!

  1. Jessica Hale

    thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Silence

    sounds interesting

  3. Thank you for coming by and sharing with us.

  4. Melinda

    Thank you for that laugh. Nice way to start the day. Relighting candles.

  5. nikid

    the goose was not a pony but it seems like you made a great friend that you had fun with.

  6. Deborah H

    That sounds like a good birthday memory. & I would of loved to play with a goose around that age.

  7. ckh988

    Very cool memory with the goose! M grandmother had a duck that did the same thing to her.

  8. JenCW

    Oh yeah, I remember getting those candles for one of my birthdays too; I was not a happy camper either, especially since my family did it on purpose. Thanks for sharing! Your book sounds really interesting too!

  9. Lindsay Klug

    Thanks for reading, and I look forward to picking a winner tomorrow! I hope everybody’s Wednesday is going fantastic.

  10. TerriA

    Love those bloodsucking vamps!! Books sounds like a good read. I think we all got those candles a time or two. My aunt and uncle had tame geese when I was young. Fun,they were not. They were mean. All I had to do was step outside and they’d chase me and pinch me if I got caught. I don’t remember what happened to them. I hope they made a good Christmas dinner for someone!!

  11. Marie A

    How funny about the Goose!

  12. Lillian

    Love your birthday story. I had a rabbit that thought it was a dog.

  13. devon

    at first I thought you were going to tell us the goose attacked you, but I so glad she was yor friend instead 🙂

  14. dracolady

    Sounds good, thanks for coming by today.

  15. Laurie P

    This sound great!

  16. Renee

    Awe! the Goose is so sweet!

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