Rhea #11

“Deal.” Jamie looked way too pleased with herself.

Rhea collapsed back on the cushions and didn’t speak for the rest of the ride. She could do this. She’d had years of training to suppress her magic. No way would she allow a few sneaky moons to overcome all of her efforts.

She gritted her teeth as a particularly strong wave of magic rolled through her body.

Only a few minutes passed before they were pulling in front of a large castle. Rhea peeked through the window pleased at what she saw. “I think you’ll like it here,” she told her sister.

The building stood tall made from some sort of white stone probably indigenous to the region. Someone pulled the door open and a hand reached in to offer them assistance out.

Jamie went first with Rhea quickly following after.

Servants rushed to grab their items out of the vehicle as Jamie and Rhea climbed up the steps surrounded by soldiers.

Scanning her surroundings Rhea let out a gasp as she spotted a man leaning against a pillar by the entrance. Tall and muscular with the broad shoulders of a man who’d be easy to lean on, Rhea swallowed against the surge of sudden lust. Magic spiked through her system spurred on by craving to taste the man watching her with a greater intensity than anyone had ever given her before; her entire being hummed with appreciation.

Was this what her mother felt when she spotted someone to help dampen down the power? If so she’d have to be more understanding in the future. As the moon pulled at the tide, Rhea felt the call to walk closer to the stranger.

“Wow.” It was like her body wasn’t hers any more. Her spine straightened, her breasts plumped and a gush of liquid flooded her lower region. Her brain entirely disconnected as her eyes, with their own agenda, leisurely followed the long, muscular line of the body before her.

Licking her quickly drying lips Rhea’s gaze followed the curve of a pair of soft seductive lips tilting slightly upwards. A quick dart to the eyes found them and intense green staring directly at her.

“Come on Rhea we’ve got to get cleaned up for whatever entertainment they have for us,” Jamie urged. Her voice cutting into Rhea’s obsession.

“You go ahead I’ll catch up,” Rhea said.

A long sigh told Rhea her sister figured out her intentions. “Don’t do anything that can us banned from the planet.”

With those words and a pat on the back, Jamie left Rhea to do whatever guests did.

Rhea waved over her shoulder already in motion towards the green-eyed stud. With moon magic rolling through her system she let the natural sway of her hips take over.

Inches away from the dark-haired giant she reached out and slid her hand up his chest. The material covering his broad form warmed beneath her touch as she absorbed his body heat with her palm. “Hello handsome.”

“Hello.” His voice was a deep baritone that slid shivers down her spine.

“I’m Rhea, what’s your name?”

Was that her husky voice?

The power of the moons was riding her hard. Bending to her need Rhea stepped closer rubbing up against that strong muscular body.

A low, deep growl rumbled up from that amazing chest.

“I’m Teven.” His piercing green eyes investigated her carefully. His large hands rubbed against her neck pulling a purring sound from deep inside her chest, “Where’s your bracelet?”



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36 responses to “Rhea #11

  1. OOOOOOOOOOO What bracelet.. is it tomorrow yet? Awesome can not wait!!!

  2. Sami

    Ireally hpe Teven isn’t the prince

  3. Zeneida

    I really can’t wait for tomorrow. Somany questions: Bracelet? Who is Teven?

  4. kathy cole

    dragon shifter maybe? yummy either way

  5. marifor

    what bracelet?

  6. CC

    You had us all at Bracelet. Ahhh. The only reason to wish for Monday.

  7. Erika S.

    bracelet? What bracelet?! Yummy Teven.

  8. devon

    oooh what bracelet???

  9. Deborah H

    I can’t wait to see he is.

  10. Marie A

    My questions have already all been asked:) LOL Can’t wait for tomorrow’s installment:)

  11. Lillian

    Bracelet? Green eyed? You are particularly cruel today.

  12. Melinda

    Hmm. Where is your bracklet? That makes me wondering who this man is thinking she has a bracklet. Can’t wait for more.

  13. heather f

    like everyone else says what bracelet?!?!?!?!!?

  14. Katie 13

    hmmmm thats not a nice point to leave off at!

  15. JenCW

    Ok. Clearly the bracelet is important otherwise he wouldn’t have asked so fast. But why? Can tomorrow come faster so we can find out?

  16. berryblu

    Bracelet and Teven, huh? I wanna know about both now! 🙂

    Thanks, Amber, wonderful as always.

  17. Tawny

    Ditto to all the questions already asked. Is it tomorrow yet?

  18. ckh988

    Bracelet? Ok that was unexpected.

  19. Rebecca

    thats my question. Is it going to get him lucky or slapped? lol

  20. Tracy

    Bracelet?? Can’t wait for tomorrow

  21. Diane A

    Yeah, I hope Teven is not the prince, that could be awkward, but maybe, hopefully, he’s a dragon shifter?!?!?
    Can hardly wait for tomorrow!

  22. dracolady

    Uh oh, I think someone is about to get claimed.

  23. Carrie

    Bracelet?? can’t wait for more.

  24. authorrainedelight

    uh oh no bracelet? Wonder what that means for Rhea

  25. Evi

    Mmmm…. I wonder what the bracelt means… cant wait for the next part! Great story!

  26. Nae

    oooOOOH! What bracelet?

  27. Laurie H

    Bracelet? Uh oh. This sounds like she might be getting into trouble.

  28. Krista

    Okay let us know what the bracelet means. Can’t wait

  29. chickie434

    Oooo, he sounds yummy 🙂

  30. Diane Mc.

    Bracelet? I wonder from who?

  31. TerriA

    Bracelet? What bracelet? Nobody said nuthin’ ’bout a bracelet!

  32. Jessica Hale

    you have left us all hanging and with lots of questions lol 🙂

  33. Lisette

    hmmmmmm ….Bracelet…intriguing…

  34. Heather S.

    Lol I’m with the first ones I really really hope Teven isn’t the prince and I’m so intrigued!.

  35. H.B.

    gets better and better every day

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