Rhea Birthday Story #4

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Rhea bit her nail as she thought about her mother’s life. She’d taken the king as one of her lovers and discarded him as soon as she found herself pregnant. Rhea wanted more than to let her magic determine her life as a brood mare.

Despite her many lovers Rhea remained her mother’s only child. Her mother liked to claim the Moon Goddess chose her lovers but Rhea always knew her mother used that as an excuse to bed as many men as she wanted.

Rhea glanced out the window she could spot two moons clearly in the sky but was that a third on peeking over the horizon? She didn’t dare ask. Beside she didn’t really need to. Magic tingled across her skin like little pinpricks.

She rubbed her thighs together as desire surged through her.

Taking slow meditative breaths, Rhea tried to calm her surging hormones.


She looked in shock at the drip of blood on her arm.

“Your mother gave this to me before we left home,” Jamie waved the injection gun.

“What did you give me?”

“I thought she was insane, you know like usual.” Jamie shrugged. “I guess this time she was right.”

What did you give me!” Rhea gritted her teeth and resisted the urge to punch her sister. It wouldn’t look good if her sister’s prince saw her with a bloody nose.

“I don’t know she said it would cool you down and frankly you were starting to look like a sand cat in heat.” Jamie slid the injector back into her bag.

“How fast are we going?” Rhea asked the guard.

The guard frowned. “Why?”

“Because I’d like to know how much my sister will bounce when I throw her out the window,” Rhea replied with a sweet smile.

“Oh come on Rhea you know I did it for your own good,” Jamie whined.

“And tossing you out the window will be for my own good too,” Rhea insisted.

She threw herself against the cushion with a sigh. Ice poured through her veins from the injection of whatever her sister had given her. She did feel a bit better but she’d rather rip out her own fingernails then admit it.

“How much longer until we get there,” Jamie’s habitual whine started up again.

Rhea clenched her book tight and took deep breaths to battle the urge to brain her sister with it. Her head ached from the drug crawling from her system and yes, that is another moon rising.

With her eyes closed she could feel it call to her, pulling her magic back to the surface. Whatever she’d been given was already starting to fade. Maybe her mother hadn’t calculated a per moon dose.

“We should arrive in another three circles,” the guard replied.

“Circles? What’s a circle?” Jamie asked, exasperation filling her voice.

“An hour, Jamie. Did you read none of the literature!”

Rhea glared at her sister.

“Rhea!” Jamie shouted.


“Your eyes! They sparkle.”

“You really need to stop reading romances, sis.” Rhea frowned at her delusional sibling.

Jamie reached into her bag and pulled out one of her many mirrors. “Look.” She opened the compact and pointed it at Jamie.

“Oh, dear.” Rhea widened her eyes to examine her reflection. The whites of her eyes sparkled like fairy dust or in this case, moon light.



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50 responses to “Rhea Birthday Story #4

  1. Kami

    I am loving this story:)

  2. Tera

    Poor Rhea, but sparkly eyes are kinda cool 🙂

  3. kathy cole

    can the sparkles become lasers to singe the sister? 🙂

  4. kellee

    The sibling exchanges are hysterical!

  5. Zzyzx

    I am starting to really like this story

  6. devon

    I love the sisters banter, that, and I cant wait to see what Rhea’s powers will be.

  7. I threaten to throw my sister out of moving objects before 🙂
    I wonder why her eyes are sparkling!

  8. Erika S.

    Jamie better starting reading up on the lay of the land, or we might get to see just how high she bounces! LOL. I love this story.

  9. Marie A

    I’m kinda feeling like Jamie – whiny and eager (although I’m not sure eager describes Jamie – but it does describe me): are we there yet? Because each entry gets the tension just a little higher and I have a feeling that when they arrive is when the fireworks will happen:) And it is hard to wait!

  10. Evi

    This story really has me hooked! I cant wait for the next part… no really I cant wait! Goodness tomorrow cant come soon enough!

  11. Deborah H

    Wow sounds intresting. Why does her eyes sparkle ? I can’t wait for more !

  12. wendy h

    Well, Jaimie better hope that she doesn’t upset Rhea more while the moons are in effect or the prince will get a battered bride.

  13. Rain

    Uh oh, she’s in trouble. 😀

  14. Jen

    The sisters are funny. Wonder what’s going to happen when the next moon finishes it’s rise.

  15. Sofia

    I’m loving this, please don’t let Rhea kill her sister! I’ll be fun watching her drive the prince insane! LOL More please!

  16. Melinda

    Poor Jamie. Rhea is going to hurt her.

  17. Laurie P

    Sparkly eyes are okay, sparkly “persons” not so much. And I’m thinking moon sex magic??? Loving this!!! goaliemom00 (at) cox.net

  18. CC

    ohhh!! Are they going to even make it to the castle. Interesting.

  19. dracolady

    It’s getting good.

  20. H.B.

    So exciting. The sister are hilarious, can’t wait to see what happens.

  21. Christine F.

    This story is great!

  22. JennH

    Liking this one more with every snippet.

  23. TerriA

    love the byplay between these two.

  24. heather f

    ooohhhh what next what next!!!!!!

  25. Carrie

    Its Great so far. next please

  26. berryblu

    I think the sparkling eyes are kinda cool. And bouncing siblings sounds about right to me. 😉

  27. Tracy

    Love it – I want sparkling eyes

  28. neesie85

    Ooh it’s getting better and better

  29. Sandra9

    i wonder how farshe would bounce lol. this story is great

  30. Thina

    It’s good, can’t wait for the next one….

  31. Chris Roberts

    I don’t think there is one woman who at one time didn’t want to bounce her sister out of a train. LOL

  32. ckh988

    Sparkling eyes, the bane of us all. Poor Rhea.

  33. Diane Mc.

    Normal sisterly love.

  34. younela

    I’m really enjoying this one too.

  35. Donna

    I can’t believe her sister just stabbed her with an injection. Broken nose sounds about right to me!

  36. Enid

    Cant wait for more!!!!

  37. Sabrina

    I can’t wait for the next installment. A day is too long!

  38. Natalie

    Sounds like someone is going to need to burn off all of that moon generated heat.

  39. cherri h

    Lovin thid story 2

  40. tina

    Drawing me more and more in…

  41. Jessica Hale

    loving it, cant wait for more wonder whats gonna happen with the eyes

  42. Zeneida

    It gets better and better. What would happen next.?

  43. Krista

    Great! Its getting exciting. What can happen in the 3 hours left on the train ride. Wonder if she makes it to her destination?

  44. DeeDee

    The plot thickens. Hmm, what could that injection be that her mother sent with her sister?

  45. Donna

    Love it so far! Can’t wait for the next installment.

  46. Katie 13

    ohhh pretty… sparklie eyes!

  47. authorrainedelight

    oohhhh this is getting so good

  48. Catching up and loving it!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

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