Rhea Birthday Story #3

Moon magic didn’t affect all people the same but Rhea took after her mother a full blooded Moon Priestess. Although Jamie and Rhea shared a father their mothers couldn’t have been more different. Jamie’s mother, nobility born, had no magical abilities unless the skill to bring a king to his knees was considered something more than political.

Rhea rolled her eyes as she realized how unwisely she’d tossed aside her mother’s concerns when she left for the trip.

“Maybe I should’ve listened to mother,” Rhea muttered.

Jamie laughed. “Somehow I don’t think this planet is ready for a woman to have a harem. They’re very male-centric.”

Rhea shuddered at the thought of a male dominated society. How ever did they get anything done? “I hope I don’t turn out like my mother.”

To her surprise Jamie squeezed Rhea’s hand in a rare gesture of support. “You are nothing like your mother. You came all this way to help protect me until I could meet my future husband. Your mother would never have offered assistance to anyone not if it meant she might chip a nail.”

Rhea opened her mouth to object to Jamie’s characterization of her mother but she couldn’t deny it. After all the Mother Moon Priestess was a bit obsessed about her nails. Rhea sighed. “I don’t think either of our mothers would win any awards.”

“No,” Jamie agreed, “but even if I’m a bit bitchy I know you’ve got my back sis. If the moons become too much we’ll find you a nice underground cellar to hide you in until we can get you off this rock.”

Rhea smiled. “This rock is your new home.”

A glance of distaste at her scenery reflected Jamie’s opinion of the desert.

“Maybe it will grow on me,” she said. “At least the prince is cute.”

“If he’s anything like his picture then he is very cute,” Rhea agreed. When negotiating their marriage contract the prince had sent several photos showing him at different events. Rhea thought he’d have done better sending a naked picture so Jamie could check out the whole package but their father probably wouldn’t have approved that match.

“Promise me you’ll try out the goods before you decide to buy,” Rhea demanded.

The guard made a choking sound beside her.

Rhea ignored him.

“Did it say anything about that practice in your book?” Jamie’s eyes lit with amusement at the scandalized soldier beside them.

“No it’s practical advice. If he’s a clunker in bed you don’t want to be tied to him for life.”

“Says you. Your mother probably already has a harem picked out for you.”

Rhea sighed.

“Oh my goddess, she does, doesn’t she!” Jamie laughed. “I’m beginning to think I’m doing you a bigger favor than you’re doing me.”

“I- I don’t know there’s something weird about having men at my beck and call. It’s…I don’t know…creepy.” Rhea couldn’t shake the feeling that despite her mother’s insistence, she had a different future.

“From what I’ve heard you’d be doing a spouse a favor. It takes more than one man to satisfy a moon driven mage,” Jamie reminded her.



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38 responses to “Rhea Birthday Story #3

  1. Teena M

    I missed yesterday’s installment but I found it today and I must say I am liking this story so far. I can’t wait to read more.

  2. ckh988

    Love where this story is going. I find the harem thing and checking out the goods before marriage very funny.

  3. Tera

    Male harem’s’ oh my…definitely will be back for more 🙂

  4. Jessica Hale

    oh wow needed that laugh today

  5. Melinda

    Loving this.

  6. Einhverf

    I like the humor in this story so far. Hope it stays a big part of the plot.

  7. kathy cole

    hilarious – thanks!

  8. Vanessa Womble


  9. Marie A

    Can’t wait for that hour when all the moons are in the sky:) LOL

  10. kellee

    Great start to the day!

  11. dracolady

    Hmmm! This is getting interesting.

  12. Erika S.

    I would love to be able to know what the guards are thinking about what they are overhearing. That one is liable to choke soon! LOL

  13. Cherri

    This story is great !!

  14. Diane A

    Very interesting….and hopefully the guard gets more lines than the laughs he’s trying to suppress, he could be quite the ally!!!

  15. Lillian

    Wow. I really like this one.

  16. Carrie

    ohh mages!!Love it

  17. devon

    a male harem – oooh, sounds appealing. Where can I get one? 🙂

  18. heather f

    oooohhhhh more please!!!!!!

  19. Deborah H

    I can’t wait for more! I wish this was a book that way I can read it all instead of in bits & pieces! Lol.

  20. CC

    Harem huh. So two or one powerful male for her? So many possibilities.

  21. berryblu

    I’m loving the guards’ reactions, too! 😀 Harem, huh? Interesting . . .

  22. wendy h

    Well, hopefully the prince will make the grade. Poor guards, I can just imagine what it will be like when he has to make a report to his superiors!!

  23. Bobbi

    I definitely want to keep reading to see what happens next!

  24. H.B.

    The poor guard scandalized…who would have thought. LOL.

  25. Kelly

    Can’t wait to find out what’s in store for Rhea!

  26. Rain

    Lots of interesting tidbits in this one… I’m glad to see Jamie has more sides than the spoiled one.

  27. Katie 13

    Ohh this just keeps getting better and better… I wish I didnt have to wait till tomorrow to see what happens next!

  28. authorrainedelight

    ooohhh I am liking this…MORE MORE!

  29. Zeneida

    Very interesting. I like that the sister take care of each other,.

  30. TerriA

    I’m all for the matriarchal society.

  31. Krista

    Like how this story is coming along. Can’t wait to see how dragons will be involved and what a moon mage can do. Thanks for the story.

  32. Evi

    Omg! I cant wait to see what happens next! Awesome installment!

  33. Linda C

    Hey, can I have a male harem also?? Just wondering….

  34. Natalie

    Sounds like someone is in for a bumpy ride. Great story.

  35. Thanks for the story. Just enough to keep me going.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  36. chickie434

    I would totally take a harem of men. I’m really liking this story, can’t wait for more!

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