Our Birthday Buddy Today is Jambrea Jo Jones

My favorite birthday…hmmm… It’s hard to remember that far back… ROFL! I was pretty young, but the thing I remembered most was the doll cake. You know the ones with the Barbie in the middle and her outfit is the cake? I thought it was SO totally cool. I also, vaguely remember a cheerleading type outfit…I think. It’s all so fuzzy. Heehee

I want to wish Amber a VERY happy birthday month. And I hope her gift…is…a sequel to—oh, wait…that would be my gift and it isn’t my birthday. Lol

Now…on to the fun stuff…a giveaway. J I just finished the very last story in my Seeds of Dawn series. Contract signed and everything. Working on my first round of edits. But the time this post…I’d better be done with them. Lol

Series Blurb:

Centuries ago shifters were created to become guardians against the evils of the world. One fateful day a discarded vessel changed the very balance of the guardian’s existence. Evil is brought fourth and sides are chosen.

Fast forward to present day and the threat is back. Evil is once again filtering into the shifters world. It will take a pack descendent from the original guardians to stand up and face the horror invading them. They must take a stand for something that has been forgotten over the years. They are about to get a very brutal reminder that could pull their world apart.

The Master Pack is in for a battle, but love may help them along the way as they fight for survival.

I’m going to give away a pdf copy of the first two books. If you have any in this series I will substitute one of the other books—we’ll talk.

Click HERE for all the books in the series. (This is the TeB Seeds of Dawn series page)


Book one in The Seeds of Dawn Series

Anabella’s dreams bring her to David, but is he the salvation she’s looking for?

Anabella Pouge is plagued with powers she can’t control, making her life far from normal when all she wants is ordinary. Change is coming her way when she must flee with a man straight out of her dreams.

David Sanders is sent to find Anabella. Without her, the future of his wolf pack is in danger. Forced to travel to the middle of nowhere, David finds Anabella might mean more than just his pack’s survival.

Will the two make it back to the pack in time? Can Anabella and David accept each other and the coming changes to their lives?

Reader Advisory: This story has been previously released as part of the Over the Moon anthology by Total-E-Bound


Book two in the Seeds of Dawn Series

Secrets: They have a way of sneaking up on you.

Max Rockwell is the muscle. Give him a good fight and he is ready to go. Sick a sexy reporter on him and he is doomed. The pack secrets are safe with him. He wouldn’t spill them even if his life depended on it. But what if it isn’t his life he has to worry about?

Valerie Thomas wants a story and the smoking hot Max will give her want she wants. What she gets is more than she bargained for. Creatures she couldn’t even begin to imagine are after her all because fate is a bitch.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series


Book three in The Seeds of Dawn Series

Sometimes you need to take justice in your own hands.

Russell Masters is having a pity party. Woe is him; he isn’t fit to be in charge. If he doesn’t change his way of thinking he could lose the very thing that could make him stronger.

Vivian Sommer can’t understand why her mate won’t claim her. They are destined to be together and she wants to be Russ’ with an all fire passion. It means family and finally belonging. But she isn’t going to sit around while he figures out they are better together.

Her tribe isn’t willing to let her go with out a fight. Russ and Vivian must work together and stand strong because another threat could shatter their very existence.

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series


Book four in the Seeds of Dawn Series

Going home could be deadly.

Centuries have passed. While family has come and gone, cat shifter Zareb has stayed strong to fight against an evil that keeps coming back. It’s his duty as a guardian and he never lets the Ancients down. Not even when he has to go against his fellow guardian. It is a risk he was willing to take – until he meets the woman who could change his world.

Joy Rockwell is pissed at the universe. Or is she? The pull from the Vessel is strong. It drags her down and brings out her mean side. Although she’s journeying to Africa with virtual strangers, she knows in her heart that this is where she is meant to be.

Two strong individuals must fight their way through the jungles of Africa to put an end to the hold the Vessel has over the shifters before it’s too late. Will they fall in love along the way? Or will they be torn apart by circumstances beyond their control?

Reader Advisory: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series.


Book five in the Seeds of Dawn Series

Redemption through love is the greatest gift of all.

Ive Sheppard travelled a great distance to save a man she’d only dreamt about—her mate. Now she is journeying to Africa to save not only his life, but his soul without losing her heart in the process.

Djimon is lost. For centuries he was locked inside his body while an evil spirit took over and controlled him. Now the spirit has been banished and Dji is lost. The horrors he witnessed won’t go way and he has no idea how to redeem himself.

Greycen Sheppard is Ive’s twin brother and when she left he followed only to find what he’d thought would never be his—a mate.

Peter Tyler has had a rough life, thrown out of his birth pack for being gay and wandering the world searching for himself until he finally finds the Master pack and is accepted for who he is, not who he’s attracted to. When Grey shows up, the impossible is right in front of him, but can his heart believe that a gay man can have a mate?

Four lives will be forever changed—but will love be enough as they struggle through captivity, past prejudice and unimaginable horrors to fulfil an ancient prophecy.

Reader Advisory: This book has a secondary storyline with a M/M relationship

Absolution – This is the book I’m working on. Book 6. The final installment. Here is the unedited excerpt.

Kitty Kelley is running from her past dragging along her younger twin sisters. With a bit of luck she ends up at the Masters pack. Just as she starts to get comfortable—her past catches up.

Everett Cord wants what his cousin has found. A mate. He used to be the go to guy for his cousin, but now that he has a mate, Everett is a bit lost. When Kitty’s past shows up, he is there to protect her.

Shifters are about to be exposed to the world and it’s going to take Kitty’s past and Everett standing strong with her to make sure the outcome doesn’t have them locked in cages.

http://internationalheat.wordpress.com/ – The blog the m/f story for Amber’s alter ego will appear.



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32 responses to “Our Birthday Buddy Today is Jambrea Jo Jones

  1. Jessica Hale

    will be putting this on my list of books to read 🙂

  2. Laurie P

    Jambrea’s books are so good, go get them now! Like Amber, her books are on my always buy list!

  3. Deborah H

    I’ll put this on my list to get 🙂
    Sounds good!

  4. cherri h

    Ohhh that sounds good! !!!!!

  5. Teena M

    These books sound real interesting would love to win and read them

  6. Renee

    Wow! Another series I have to have! They look awesome 🙂

  7. Silence

    sounds interesting. have a feeling this month will greatly add to my wishlist 🙂

  8. kellee

    Interesting series. I always seem to add new authors during these events . . .

  9. kathy cole

    Oh cool, there’s a book 6 coming – great to hear!

  10. Kami

    I just love all your books:)

  11. Ooohhh Jambrea, I have been focusing on your M/M series that this one has slid past me. *bad girl* I hope I win!

  12. Evi

    It so looks like its a great series and it’ll give me something to read with plenty of books already in the series. It would be great to win them!

  13. Tera

    Sounds very interesting…and there are already a lot of books out in the series always a plus when starting a new author 🙂

  14. These sound great! Can’t wait to give them a read!

  15. Donna

    This series looks great! I love finding new series to read.

  16. Katie

    ohhh looks interesting!

  17. Marie A

    Looks like another stack of books to put on my to read pile:)

  18. Bobbi

    Sounds like a terrific series that I will definitely have to put in my “buy” list!

  19. dracolady

    The series looks great, will have to check then out.

  20. Lisa Guertin

    I had one of those doll cakes too! love your work.

  21. nikid

    looks goog, i love finding new books to read

  22. Melinda

    Gotta agree, another series I have to have.

  23. Krista

    I love your books thanks for the chance to win some.

  24. Tera

    This looks like a great read. Also, I too remember the barbie doll cakes, they were so cool LOL 🙂

  25. Mandy Beyers

    These look really good – thanks for sharing!

  26. Lillian

    A great series.

  27. jambrea

    Thanks for all the great comments!! 🙂

    • Erika S.

      I need to win the lottery to afford all the books! LOL, of course my chances would greatly enhance if I just bought a ticket. Thanks Jambrea.

  28. devon

    Sounds interesting, and it’s nice to have a series that has a few books in it, so I can keep going instead of having to wait (I know, impatient much:D ) Definitely on my “to buy list”…

  29. DeeDee

    Definitely have added The Seeds of Dawn series to my must read pile. Great blog post.

  30. I had a doll cake too! It was one of my favorites!
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

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