Blog Story Part #28

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted.


Bella let the servant fuss over her. She took slow even breaths and resisted the urge to strangle the girl just to end her chatter. Murder would be wrong. She chanted that in her head over and over.

“Relax hon,” Queen Gwen said, her eyes sparkling with laughter. “You look beautiful. My son will never know what hit him.”

Bella bit her lip to resist the temptation to mention how she’d like to hit the king. Anyone who thought a good idea included putting her in a pretty dress and parading her like a show mount deserved a punch in the gut. Talking a deep breath she let it out in a slow sigh as she let the servant finish dressing her. Glancing in the mirror she longed for her chef outfit. She hated dressing up. Give her knives and a complicated dish and she’d be happy spending hours creating the perfect flavor profile. However, she hated to be dressed like a doll and put out for display. If that were the sort of person the king looked for in a mate Bella would throw in the towel. Hell she’d throw in the entire linen closet.

“I don’t want him if he thinks I’m going to be a perfect queen. This isn’t me.” Bella couldn’t meet the queen’s eyes.

Queen Gwen patted Bella on the back, a reassuring weight. “He doesn’t need someone perfect. He needs someone to love him and his children. Do you think you can love my boys?”

Bella nodded. “I love your grandkids.”

“And my son?”

Bella shrugged. “I’m not ready to admit anything yet.” It was so much easier confessing to loving the children. The prince was another matter, a gorgeous, delicious matter but a difficult one none-the-less.

“It will come. I didn’t love my husband,” the queen confessed.

“Then why do you want me to marry your son?” Bella didn’t understand the queen’s reasoning. If she didn’t lover her man why would she want to put Bella in the same situation?

“I fell in love with a king. I didn’t love him at first. I’ve seen how my son talks about you. He adores you. It might not be the deep and abiding feelings you were hoping for but being a queen isn’t a fairytale it is hard work.” The queen’s hard gaze made Bella shuffle uncomfortably.

“What do you want me to do?” At this point she didn’t know if the queen wanted Bella to try to become her son’s wife or run for the nearest space sport.

Queen Gwen brushed at Bella’s shoulder removing invisible objects. They must be invisible because the tailor had spent ten minutes brushing her off.

“I want you to be happy.”

“I am happy.” Bella said with a frown.

“Well let me put it another way. I want you happy with my son.”

Bella wondered if she really could be happy becoming a queen or if it was one of those unattainable goals that sounded great in theory but in practice was the worst idea she ever could have.



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7 responses to “Blog Story Part #28

  1. Melinda

    Loved this. And have to say can’t wait for more. Nice end to the work week.

  2. Teena

    That was awesome as always, i don’t even really mind that it took forever to get an update on Bella.

  3. kathy cole

    love Bella – thank you

  4. Erika S.

    worth waiting for, love bella!

  5. devon

    love Bella – thanks!

  6. *happy sigh* I love this story.

  7. Melinda

    Will we get another posting before your birthday bash starts?

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