Blog Story Part #27

Okay this is super duper short because I’m on a retreat so I’ll make sure to do two next week (maybe) LOL!

Bella was beginning to believe in the art of reincarnation. The part where your previous lives reflects your current one. At the rate things were going she must’ve been a horrible person in her life before because what else would explain the rash of bad luck she’d been having.

Surely her brothers could take care of the royal family while she fled the planet like the coward she planned to be?

Queen Gwen gave Bella a dazzling smile, brilliant but only a bit of the effect of her son’s. “Let’s go back to the palace shall we?”


Inside Bella shuddered at the thought of all those eyes staring at her waiting for her to make a mistake, like pick up the wrong fork or stab an annoying diplomat through the heart with her chef’s knife. Okay, maybe the last one was a happy fantasy but still she didn’t plan on becoming some sort of puppet queen even if she did capture the king’s attention.

“Eek,” Bella squeaked. While she’d been dreaming the queen had dragged Bella up the small sand hill.

Damn for a dainty queen the woman had an iron grip.

She must’ve been deeper in her thoughts than she suspected because the woman had Bella’s horse controlled in one hand and Bella’s arm in the other. The queen led Bella up the small sandy hill where four guards sitting patiently on their mounts waited.

Bella raised a brow as her brothers grinned unrepentantly back at her.


They knew her habits well enough they probably told the queen where to find her.

“I’m sure you know my escorts,” Queen Gwen said with a smile.

“Yes, I know them quite well,” Bella replied through gritted teeth while shooting death glares at her brothers.

The four of them smiled back at her. She contemplated vile ways she could return their ‘favor’ while they began to shift uneasily on their horses. Once she was certain she passed on her silent message of their impending doom she turned her attention back to the queen.

“Ready?” Queen Gwen asked, her eyes sparkling with laughter.

“Yes,” Bella lied.

The queen leaned forward and whispered in Bella’s ear. “It’s okay hon, I have a brother too. I’m sure you’ll think of ways to pay them back.”

“Oh I will,” Bella agreed. Damn, how was she supposed to resist the king when she couldn’t even resist his mother?



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8 responses to “Blog Story Part #27

  1. kathy cole

    Look forward to the maiming of the brothers! Thanks Amber

  2. Dana

    The waiting is such sweet torture…

  3. lol I love this story oh so much! 🙂

  4. devon

    short or not – awesome, I’ve been missing this story! 🙂

  5. wendy h

    Bella might as well just buy her wedding dress, she is defitately not going to get away without marrying the king. With the three princes, her four brothers and the king’s mother all pushing for her, she really has no choice in the matter.

  6. Melinda

    Any new postings? It has been a while and I think we are going thru withdrawals.

  7. sammie

    are you not adding to this any more?

    • Amber Kell

      I know, I know. I’m waay behind. I’ve actually worked a bit on the next addition. I will post a couple next week and maybe tomorrow if I have time. Sorry I truly haven’t abandoned poor Bella

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