Blog Story Post #23

(since it’s been so long I’ll post another addition on Friday)


Bella gave the king an absent nod before leaving. She wasn’t fleeing, no she wasn’t. Bella firmly decided she couldn’t be accused of running away if she had a task to perform. Candies. If anyone asked she couldn’t be bothered with queenly crap.

Safe in the confines of her kitchen, Bella tried to concentrate on the meal for the evening. She jumped up on the padded stool someone had left by her counter. Flipping through her electronic pad she tried to figure out what to make for the evening meal.

“You don’t need to prepare anything for his majesty,” Chef Brillon said his eyes sparkling with amusement. “He’s dining with his future brides.”

A weight slid off of Bella’s chest. “Oh good.” She bit her lip, guiltily pleased to have a night off while the other chef worked hard. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

Chef Brillon shook his head. “You don’t have time.”

“Why not?” Bella frowned.

“You have to get dressed. After all the dinner is in honor of all potential brides.”

“Oh no! I am not going to that dinner!” The thought of sitting and making polite chit-chat in a dress she’d obsess about spilling food on…well, she’d rather shove the paring knife through her right eye.

“Miss Bella!”

Bella winced as the palace secretary marched over in all his splendor. Someone really should show the man a color chart. Some colors simply weren’t meant to match. Bella looked the man in the eyes she didn’t want to be blinded by his brass buttons. Did he polish them every night?

It took her a minute to realize from his expression that he was waiting for her reply.

“I’m sorry what did you say?”

The secretary pursed his lips and let gave an impatient sigh. “I asked if you are ready for your fitting?”

Bella fiddled with the knife handles on the block. “Um, no I have to help Chef Brillon…”

“Nonsense,” the chef interrupted while taking a large step away from Bella. “Go ahead and get ready. I’d hate for you to be late for such an important event.”

“Excellent come this way!” The secretary marched off not even checking to see if she followed.

“You better sleep with one eye open,” Bella hissed.

Brillon laughed. “I always do, my dear, I always do.”

Shoulders slumped, Bella followed the peacock of a man out the kitchen door.



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15 responses to “Blog Story Post #23

  1. neesie85

    I live bella!!!! It’s like she facing the hangman!!!!

  2. neesie85

    Can’t wait for more….

  3. terrisu renfro

    Yes we are still reading it!!!! I’ll even buy it if you put it out in a book…..I love Bella can her brothers have a story? The soldier and the chef?

  4. sammie

    more, more, more. I love both blog stories. please keep them going or make them books so my greedy butt can have them. I have all your books. it drives me nuts waiting for the blogs or books.

  5. devon

    yeah! I’m so glad to see a new post. I hope you put this out in a book, I like this story.

  6. lin vining

    Wow…awesome….I love Bella and the kings sons are awesome. I’m thinking series.

  7. Teena

    I was completely surprise but in a good way when I saw there was a new post of this wonderful story. I can’t wait to see if they have to drag Bella kicking and screaming into the dinning room….

  8. Jessica canoto

    Lol poor Bella 🙂

  9. The characters are always hilarious in her books and blogs 🙂

  10. Msjbelle

    You have got to give us more of Bella quicker! I love this story! Can’t wait til the book comes out and I can devour it in one go. You the man (I mean woman) Amber! 😉

  11. Lisa Guertin

    I am really enjoying this story, but wish you had more time to keep writing it. Of course, I’d miss Dio’s story as well if you took time from him to write Bella. Thanks for many hours of enjoyment!

  12. berryblu

    😀 Is it Friday, yet? Or maybe it should be: is it the right Friday, yet?

  13. sammie

    please can we have another part of this blog story. (begging on knees with puppy dog eyes!)

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