Blog Story Post #21

Here you go. As promised!


Zerrin watched his sons frolicking with Bella’s brothers in the garden. Their screeches of delight were audible through the high windows and he found he enjoyed hearing them have fun.

When had they last laughed?

It took him a moment to realize his sons hadn’t really had a day of fun in far too long. Caught up in court politics and the affairs of the planet. Zerrin had let the important things slip through the cracks, his children. He hoped whomever became his wife would understand how his boys needed to have fun as well as learn about the kingdom.

Even Lianth, who often acted too mature to play with his brothers, had gotten into the act. He tackled one of Bella’s brothers from behind. The man, mountain more like, easily reached back and flipped the prince over his shoulder and deposited him on the ground below. Of course then the other two princes had to be flipped also.

“I hope my brothers aren’t being a pain,” Bella’s sweet voice broke into Zerrin’s daydreaming.

“What? Uh, no. They are great. I was watching them play with the boys.”

Bella turned and laughed at her brothers antics. “Well they aren’t that far from being children themselves. Let me know if they become a problem. I can have them reassigned.”

The iron tone in Bella’s voice told Zerrin his chef wasn’t kidding. “No, like I said their fine.”

He heard Bella let out a breath. “Good. They think they’re clever by having father reassign them to watch over me but I can have their assignment yanked if they interfere with your hunt for a wife.”

Zerrin searched Bella’s expression but couldn’t determine what she was thinking. He didn’t know her well enough to figure out how her mind worked. In fact now that he thought about it he’d never figured out any woman’s thought process worked. “If they become a problem I’ll let you know.” He nodded towards he silver tray. “Did you bring me something?”

Bella nodded. “Yes, I heard you were working through lunch so I brought you some food. Nothing fancy, just a sandwich.”

Even with the disclaimer Zerrin waited impatiently for the lid to be raised. As he suspected the sandwich looked divine. A crusty roll cradled a pile of meat and roasted vegetables along with a stack of homemade chips. “Who did you get the bread from?” Some of the finest bakeries were in the north end of town but he didn’t know if Bella had discovered them yet.

Bella raised her brows. “I made the bread. However, if you have a favorite baker I can request bread from there next time.”

“You made the bread?” Zerrin almost slapped himself. Of course she made bread. If it were in the kitchen his Bella could make it. Reaching for the sandwich he froze. When had she become his Bella?



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9 responses to “Blog Story Post #21

  1. Teena

    I like this installment alot. Yes when did she become his Bella? lol

  2. jessica canoto

    yay can’t wait for more his bella 😉 i sure hope so they are perfect for eachother and her brothers remind me of mine lol

  3. kathy cole

    His Bella – great! Thanks Amber

  4. Awww…his Bella. LOVE! 🙂

  5. sammie

    oh! so loved it. cann’t wait for more.

  6. neesie85


  7. devon

    love it 🙂

  8. Cinders

    She became his right this minute when he said it dduuuhhhhhh!!! lol So loving it and me not liking too many girl cooties…lol! See how much you feckin rock Amber you make me come to the dark cootie side.

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