Blog Story Part #17


Bella spent the next three days cooking and avoiding the king and his sneaky children. She heard through the palace grapevine that the search for the next queen had started.

Possible brides were coming from all across the universe to be interviewed by the king’s council.

She didn’t need to know their names. That’s what Bella told herself while needing dough and tempering chocolate.

“Still here?”

“Hmm,” Bella looked up from dusting sugar to find, Trell, her favorite guard watching her. ‘What are you doing here?”

“Checking up on you.”

“Why?” Had she done something to warrant a guard hunting her down?

“Because I’ve been given guard duty.” His expression told her she should be picking up on some sort of hidden message.

“And you are supposed to be guarding me?” She hazarded a guess.

Trell nodded. “All the queen candidates are given a guard to protect them against kidnapping.”

Bella closed her eyes and took a long slow breath before opening them again. “Please tell me the prince didn’t put me in the candidate pool.”

Trell’s grin didn’t reassure her. “I could tell you that a prince didn’t put you in.”

Bella’s mouth dropped open. “Then who did?”

“All the princes. You were their top pick.”

She could barely hear the guards next words through the rushing in her ears. “No. I’m not queen material. Why didn’t they take me off the list? The council must know I’d make a terrible queen.”

Trell shrugged. “Apparently they have a different opinion.”

Bella walked over to the sink and washed her hands as her mind spun with the implications. “I think I’m going to have to talk to the king about this.” Her heart pattered against her chest in a panicky rhythm.

“Can’t. He’s turned over the search to the council. As a potential candidate you can’t have access to the royal family until you reach stage three.” Trell’s amused look made her want to kick him.

“What exactly is stage three?”

“First you have to have to interview with the council, then you have to go through a series of lessons and questionnaires regarding compatibility and then they make their decision.”

“How do I get off this list?” There had to be a way. She couldn’t go through a series of stupid tests. No matter how gorgeous the king might be.



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18 responses to “Blog Story Part #17

  1. Jessica Hale

    can’t wait for more 🙂

  2. polly201

    Poor Bella – it doesn’t matter what she does – it seems that she is on the way to true love???

    BTW I hope she was kneading dough, not needing dough?????

  3. jambrea

    heehee…Can’t wait to see where this is going!! I want to meet her brothers. lol

  4. kamila

    please tell me that we don’t have to wait 2 long weeks to find out what she’s going to do

  5. devon

    oooh, I want to meet the brothers too…

  6. Melinda

    That would be great. Her brothers descending on the kindom for their sister. Need more.

  7. Laurie H

    Fight it all you want. It doesn’t seem like she’s getting out of this!

  8. Tera

    Funny she doesn’t want to take tests…but not worried will be looked over otherwise…just who are her brothers….enquiring minds eagerly await the next installment 🙂

  9. nix

    this is terrific. do we get two this week?

  10. Melinda

    Will we get a posting?

  11. Teena

    Amber are you going to continue this story soon? Please!

  12. Melinda

    Am going thru withdrawals

  13. nix

    Amber….. 😦 Withdraws is now officially an understatement. And I don’t even really read het anymore.

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