Blog Story #16

This one is a little short so I will do two postings next week. (remember this is unedited)

Bella paused at the sight of the eldest prince at her door. He leaned against the wall by her doorway surreptitiously watching everyone pass while trying to appear like he didn’t care about the stares he garnered. He reminded her achingly of her brothers in that awkward stage between teenager and man.

Shaking off the sweet memories she approached the prince. “Is there something I can help you with your highness?”

Prince Lianth straightened and gave her a courtly bow. “Good afternoon Chef Bella. I came to apologize if my brother has offended you.”

Confused, Bella stared at the young man for a moment. “What are you talking about?”

Lianth cleared his throat. “I thought since you were last spotted talking to Varren and now have been avoiding us I was worried my brother did something to bother you.”

Bella laughed. “No prince. Your brother is a sweet boy.”

The prince scowled. “That’s what everyone thinks but he’s sneakier than a vole weasel.”

Bella couldn’t stop the smile if she were offered the finest goods in the world. “Well, now you know I wasn’t bothered you can go on your way.” She desperately wanted the prince to move on. She didn’t want him to delve too deeply into why was so concerned about his father’s chef.

Scuffing his shoes against the floor it took a moment for the prince to meet her eyes. “Father’s looking for a new wife.”

“I know.” Bella fidgeted. Her fingers became a fascinating object of interest. “I heard.”

Lianth cleared his throat. “Generally his advisors submit names for consideration but I think this time he wants to put in his own.” The prince gave Bella a hopeful look.

“Umm, that’s good.” Bella had no idea where this conversation was going but she really wanted to take a bath. Spending the day in the hot kitchen didn’t lead to happy hygiene.

“Do you think he’d let me put in a name?” Lianth looked up at her through his lashes.

When had she turned into the prince confessor? Bella sighed. “Why don’t you go ask him? I’m sure he’d be open to discussing it with you.” For a king, the man appeared to be a good father. From what Bella understood, starting the day with all of his children around him wasn’t the usual model of a ruler.

Lianth’s smile could’ve powered a starship. “You think?”

“Sure.” Anything to get the boy away from her door. Hot water beckoned.

“Thanks. I’ll tell him you’re interested.” Lianth ran down the hall as Bella’s mouth dropped open.

Bella leaned forward and smacked her head against the wall. “Why did I think coming here was a good idea?”



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17 responses to “Blog Story #16

  1. jambrea

    ROFL! Love it!

  2. Melinda

    That was funny. How did her answer turn into her being interested. Can’t wait for more.

  3. sammie

    So good. I like how what she said got twisted into what he wanted. You wouldn’t believe how many times my kids have pulled that one.

  4. Carrie

    LOL! How old are these boys agian because I can see 8 or 9 year old doing that. funny and cute.

  5. devon

    yeah! glad you’re back to posting, this was cute…

  6. Jessica Hale

    lol loved it and so glad your posting again

  7. Teena

    LOL!!! These boys are so cute, and very mischevious…..

  8. kamila

    love it, the boys are great the last bit was cute/mischevious i’m still smiling

  9. heather f

    i just found this sight i love its as good as the other one!!!!!!lol

  10. Diane A

    Too funny! This is such a great story!

  11. nix

    This story is great!! I didn’t even realize there was a blog over here. I was just randomly checking author sites and remembered you had two. Looking forward to the next post!!

  12. Melinda

    We missed the 2 installments from last week. Going thru withdrawal.

  13. Tera

    Another great read 🙂

  14. Colleen S.

    lol since we missed the two posts you said we would have last week can we have four this week? lol just kidding i’ll take anything i can get as long as i get something hehe. Goodluck with the unpacking I’ve been there many many time and I know it not any fun at all although its way better then the packing part. =) Can’t wait for next post.

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