Blog Story Part 7

Due to illness this one is a little short. If I have time I’ll do a second edition this week.

Bella roamed the market looking at all the brightly colored goods and smiling at the hawkers trying to pitch her their wares.

Leaving the palace for the day was the very best relief from the hustle and bustle of castle life. For such a big building the place had a constant buzz in the air. From people, from machines, she didn’t really know from what but the constant sound wore at her nerves like a river eroding stone.

The pure lack of humming calmed her nerves.

A stand of knives drew her closer. One set of throwing knives had amazingly detailed dragons on the handle. Her oldest brother would love it and as his birthday was in a few weeks she debated purchasing them.

The seller stood politely to one side, his face confused as if he’d never seen a woman look at knives before.

She picked one up to check its balance. With a sigh of disappointment she set it back down.

“What’s wrong madam?” the seller stepped closer to look at the knives.

“That knife isn’t balanced correctly. It is heavier on the left. It’ll pull when you throw it.”

The man made a scoffing sound. “How could you possible know that?”

Bella shrugged. “My brothers taught me a lot.”

Folding his arms across his chest he raised a brow. “Toss it. If it pulls to the left I’ll give you your choice for half price.”

“Deal.” Bella shook the man’s callused hand.

Picking up the knife she turned to the throwing target placed just outside the stand to test out weapons. Flipping the weapon with her hand she saw with not surprise that the blade landed off center.

The seller laughed. “I’ll be damned.” He gave her a delighted smile as if the loss of revenue didn’t matter. “I’m Gallien Berr, weapon master.”

“Bella Tiazza, the king’s new chef.”

“I’m very pleased to meet you miss Bella. It’s rare to see a woman who knows her weapons.”

Bella gave him a grin. “I grew up with four older brothers who are all battle mad. They taught me everything they know.” She scanned the table. “I was looking for a present for my oldest brother. His birthday is coming up. He can always use a new weapon.”

Gallien rubbed his hands together. “Well let’s see what we can find.” The smith’s attitude warmed as he showed Bella the various knives and swords at his booth. After looking everything over she found a nice collection of throwing stars and a new dagger for her boot. She hadn’t been able to clear her last one through customs.

Haggling consumed the next fifteen minutes and the pair parted with Gallien promised to have her weapons delivered after he polished them up. Bella left the booth satisfied with her purchase and pleased with her deal.

Walking back into the crowd she came up short when a pair of guards approached.

“The Duke of Greel has requested your presence.”

One look at the guard’s stern face made Bella sigh. It didn’t appear there was any way out of the meeting.




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17 responses to “Blog Story Part 7

  1. Melinda

    Getting interesting. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  2. Cinders

    OH my goodness I hope she gives that Duke a piece of her mind and he never forgets.

  3. Carrie

    looking forward to more. agian I hope that you feel better soon. Nothing is worse than being sick when you have things to do.

  4. I am so waiting for her giving the duke a piece of her mind. Hope you are better soon. Being sick sucks the big one.

  5. Msjbelle

    Are we supposed to call you Mikela when commenting on this site, or is Amber still O.K? Anyway I hope you are feeing better and I look forward to reading more this week if possible. I’m wondering what the Duke is up to.

  6. Jessica canoto

    The duke is a pain I hope she puts him in his place maybe offer some bodily harm 😉 show him her weapons can’t wait

  7. devon

    I’m loving this story so anything you give us is great. Feel better soon –

  8. jambrea

    Uh oh….I’m thinking the King might not be too happy with this meet… lol

    Feel better!

  9. Erika S.

    Oh that can’t possibly end well. Love this story. Hope you are feeling better Amber.

  10. Dana

    Am I the only one addicted to this story? I mean, can we get two postings per week. The waiting is brutal!

  11. Evi

    I hope you feel better soon. I’ve been soooo eager for this installment! I’ve been bouncing between this and Dio’s story as well and love em both even without the man love. Keep up the spectacular work 😉 can’t wait for her to tear into the Duke…

  12. klarie

    Feel better. i love this story

  13. Esmer

    Yep this is meet is going to be so much fun. I hope you feel better.

  14. Tricia

    Sigh 😦 It’s been so long…

  15. Melinda

    Hi, Wanting to see if you were going to post another installment?

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