Blog Story Part 3

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but I had the flu and completely forgot LOL!


King Zerrin looked at the stunningly beautiful woman before him and blinked. No the vision was still there. He swallowed hard as the vision approached carrying an enormous silver tray. Jumping to his feet he rushed to grab it from her and set it on his desk.


“Why didn’t anyone carry it for you?” He sent a glare to his guards.

“Oh don’t blame them I wouldn’t let them, they offered several times.”

“Why not?”

“Security. I don’t know them so I don’t know if they’re liable to put something in your food or not.”

The guards glared at the impervious woman as Zerrin laughed at their offended expressions.

She pulled a piece of paper out of her pocket. “Okay now you need to put your hand here.” She grabbed the king’s wrist and placed it on the top of the silver dome. It was a complete breach of protocol to touch the king without invitation. He was going to mention it, really he was any minute now.

“And I need to put my hand here.” She said consulting the paper and placing her hand on the opposite side of the king. “And then I say. As I provide, so will I protect.” A white light blazed across the dome setting the runes glowing. “And you say this.” She held up the paper with her thumb underlying the portion he was supposed say.

He dutifully repeated. “As you provide, so will I accept.”

Blue lights flashed beneath his hand sending a spark of electricity across the dome until a low humming sound filled the air.

“Seal,” Bella said.

A silvery light flashed over their hands, then the dome rang out like a bell.

Bella lifted her hand. “That should do it.”

“Do what?” he still didn’t know what to think about this whole procedure.

“Now only you or I can open this tray. That way you can’t be snuck any food that I didn’t initially provide.”


She gave him a smile that made him feel oddly proud for having pleased her.

“Morning father.” Lianth, his fourteen year old son walked in.

Morning father.” Chall, his ten-year old son said walking in.

“Poppa.” Varren, his six-year old gave him a gap-toothed grin.

They all took positions around his table. The servants placed plates of food before them each.

“What’s in the dome?” Lianth asked. He was the boldest of the three and as the oldest was usually the leader.

“I prepared breakfast for your father,” the chef answered for him.

Lainth looked her up and down. “Are you his new girlfriend?”

The chef laughed. An inappropriately long amount of time. “No,” She said still choking back laughter. “I’m his new chef.”

“You’re pretty,” Varren said with a worshipful smile.

“Thank you poppet.” She looked at him before tilting her head down to whisper near the king’s ear. “Are they allowed to have candy?”

He suppressed a shiver at her nearness. “What’s candy?”

The surprised look in her eyes. “Something sweet.”

He shrugged. “Sure.” He wasn’t certain what she was talking about but it was nice of her to ask first. He watched with interest as she pulled some wrapped items from the pockets of her smock. She placed a mound of little silver balls beside each prince. “I made some candy for you gentlemen but I wanted to make sure your father approved before I gave them.” She looked around the table and gave a short bow to the children, ignoring him entirely. “I’ll leave you to eat. Good morrow.”

She nodded her head at him and then was swallowed up in the sea of guards.

Chall was the first to unwrap his candy. His brother might lead but Chall was the adventurous troublemaker. A dark brown round mass was uncovered beneath the silver foil.

“Doesn’t look like much,” he commented, tossing the bit into his mouth. A low moaning sound came from him as his eyes rolled back into his head.

The other two princes grabbed their silver balls and unwrapped them before popping them their mouths. Identical moans came from his sons’ mouths.

Zerrin wanted one of those candies. He reached out a hand towards his oldest sons pile only to be smacked on the hand.

“Lainth,” he reproved.

Lainth blushed. “Sorry father but it would be rude to just give away such a thoughtful present from your new chef. You’ll have to order some from her yourself.”

He watched as his Chall and Varren slid their candies off the table and into their laps looking innocent.

“Hmmm. I’ll just do that.”

“What did she make you?” Lainth asked tilting his head towards his tray.

“Let’s see.” He lifted the lid and stared.

Inside were round fluffy disks with red fruit and white cream, beside were things he thought were eggs but they had herbs and cheese bubbling inside. He didn’t know what half of it was but the smell was intoxicating.

He looked up from his tray to his sons’ round eyes.

Candies reappeared.

Looked like negotiations were open.




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18 responses to “Blog Story Part 3

  1. LOL Candies reappeared…LMAO Love it! Glad you are all feeling better too! Enjoy your spa day Saturday

  2. Teresa

    Glad you’re feeling better. Looks like Bella has charmed not only the king but the young princes as well. Loved the bit where she got hysterical about being his girlfriend. LOL 🙂

  3. polly20

    Go the negotiations!!!

  4. Marie A

    LOL! Am loving the story!

  5. Teena

    lol I am also loving this story… I think Bella is gonna have the Princes devoted to her in no time at all….

  6. jambrea

    I’m happy you’re feeling better. LOVE this bit. 🙂

  7. Jessica Hale

    So glad your feeling better and can’t wait for more will be looking forward to it

  8. Colleen S.

    “Candies reappeared.

    Looked like negotiations were open”

    Lol thats the way it is around my house. Thats great can’t wait for next week.

  9. devon

    I love this story!
    It’s so hard to wait a week to see what happens…

    Enjoy the spa.

  10. Too funny, negotiations are always necessary.

  11. Carrie

    its great. can’t wait to read more.

  12. Erika S.

    “Looked like negotiations were open.”

    Oh my, that’s just too funny. I can see that. I love the little princes.

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. Everyone have fun today, we are venturing out (shudders) to get one last thing for the Dad. I’m getting a sushi lunch for this!!

  13. Tricia

    Love the humor 🙂

  14. Melinda

    Thank you. I love starting the day with a laugh. My son asked what I was laughing at but even though this is a safe exerpt, I did not want him to get interested in the story.

  15. Denise

    Lol I live the children… Excellent!!!!

  16. klarie

    Loved it! More Please… Please….Please…

  17. sandra9

    this is funny candies reappearing lol here

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